A Comparison between Strip Harvesting and FUE Hair Transplant

A Comparison between Strip Harvesting and FUE Hair Transplant

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Hair transplant has a long history of successfully growing new hairlines on bald patches. The treatment has won acceptance of surgeons around the globe. Advancements in the surgery has made it even more popular and sought after surgery. People who have benefitted from hair transplant in Pakistan report to have a happy life, an increased self-confidence and self-esteem after surgery. 

Pakistan offers some board certified plastic and cosmetic surgeons who are rendering their services for performing hair transplant surgeries. Many UK and American based Pakistanis set their consultation sessions for getting a hair transplant when they visit Pakistan in their holidays. Cost of hair transplant surgery is much lower in Pakistan as compared to Europe and UAE. And this is the major factor behind an increasing trend towards hair restoration surgery in the country. 

Benefits of hair transplant

  • Youthful appearance 
  • Modern techniques can grow hair on eyebrows, eyelashes, mustache, beard and chest.
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Less self-consciousness and better image of self 

Procedures of hair transplant

Hair transplant does not give you more hair. Rather it relocates your hair from a denser region to a part where they are thinning. Following are the techniques that are generally used for hair restoration.

Strip removal: it removes a linear strip from the back of the scalp, extracts hair follicles from the strip and plants them in bald or balding site. It is an old method and is used to transfer large number of hair grafts in one session.   

Follicular unit extraction: it is a modern technique and extracts hair follicles in their naturally occurring groupings of 1-4 hairs. It is used to transplant hairs on scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, moustache, beard and chest. It offers minimum downtime to the patient and gives hairlines that look similar to natural hairlines. 

FUE vs. Strip removal

Each method has its own set of benefits and risks. Here is a comparison that will help you in deciding which method suits you the best. 

Type of surgery  FUE Strip removal method
Can grow hair The entire body  Scalp only 
Price  higher Lower
Pain in treated area None to minimal Usually moderate
Invasiveness  Minimally invasive Invasive 
Use of scalpel No Yes
Risk of damage to the follicular units Higher  Lower 
Risk of post-op bleeding None to minimal None to minimal
Results Natural  Natural 
Number of grafts that can be transplanted per session Lower  Higher 
Post operative discomfort Low High
Need of sutures  No Yes
Recovery process Minimal  Moderate to long 


Side effects of hair transplant

Hair transplant does not involve serious or permanent complications or side effects. However, people who want to have a hair restoration surgery must choose an experienced and a reputed surgeon because a bad hair transplant may produce unnatural hair patterns or you may not receive a desired density of hair. Following are some usual side effects of hair transplant:

  • Shock loss (a condition in which transplanted hair falls during the first 10 days of surgery). But it is a temporary side effect and hairs grow back soon. 
  • Scab formation, swelling and itching in the treated area.

Surgeons offering hair transplant in Pakistan adhere toelevated standards and use modern techniques. They are working in the best interests of humanity and provide free online consultation to facilitate everyone who wants to re grow hair.  

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