5 Ws of Hair Transplant

5 Ws of Hair Transplant

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Every one of us has heard the word “hair transplant” but only a few know much about it. There are myths and misconceptions about it that have occupied people’s minds. While there are many who like the treatment, still there is a large majority who accepts and admires its benefits but avoid it for the sake of their prejudices. Let’s see the 5 Ws of hair transplant in an effort to understand the concept in its true sense.

Why hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a popular choice for its benefits. Following are some reasons that justify why you should go for a hair transplant in Pakistan.

  • It is the only procedure that can re grow your hairs permanently.
  • It grows hair in their natural patterns and no one can guess that you have had a hair transplant. 
  • A head full of hair and a new frontal hairline make you appear youthful and complete.
  • It is seen that hair restoration surgery helps people in gaining self-confidence, self esteem and a better self-image. 

Who is hair transplant about?

It is about people who are facing hair loss or have faced it in past. It puts forward an ideal answer for people who have bald scalps or a thinning crown or a receding hairline. Modern techniques for hair transplant have the potential to work for those who want to re grow eyebrow, eyelash, moustache, beard or chest hair.

What happens in a hair transplant?

Hair restoration surgery takes hair follicles from sides or back of the scalp (usually known as donor site) and plants them in bald or balding site (recipient site). Following are some methods used for hair transplant:

Strip removal: it removes a strip of donor tissues from the back of the scalp, extracts hair follicles from the strip and plants them in the recipient site. It is a traditional method for hair transplant and is used to transfer more hair grafts in lesser time. 

In case of strip removal hair grafts can be extracted only from the back of the scalp. It leaves a horizontal linear scar on the donor site and needs a recovery period of weeks. 

Follicular unit extraction: it extracts individual hair follicles in their naturally occurring groupings and plants them in recipient site. It transfers lesser number of grafts per session as compared to strip removal but do not leave a linear scar on donor or recipient site. The patient usually goes for the work right after the hair transplant. 

When should you go for a hair transplant?

Many people think that undergoing a hair transplant as soon as you feel hair thinning is the best idea. It is not right. Hair transplant surgeons recommend waiting till your hair loss stops. A hair transplant too early when your hairs are falling out will make unnatural patterns on your head thereby making the hair transplant visible. 

Where should you go for a hair transplant?

Hair transplant surgeons are the right persons to help you in getting rid of your bald scalp or a bald patch on scalp or any other part of the body. Choose a reputable clinic with a board certified hair transplant surgeon. The success of the procedure depends majorly upon the experience and skill set of the surgeon. 

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