Is it economical to get Botox injection in Dubai?

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Botox treatment is probably the most popular and most demanded cosmetic procedure in Aesthetic Medicine. Getting Botox shots to look years younger than your actual age is a common practice nowadays, equally popular among men and women. One major reason behind the popularity of Botox treatment over the last decade is the celebrities using these anti-aging injections to restore youthful looking smooth and glowing skin by eliminating unsightly facial wrinkles and neck bands. It is no secret Hollywood as well as Bollywood stars love Botox shots for tightening skin and vanishing wrinkles. Some of the famous Hollywood celebrities that have publically admitted to using Botox include Gwyneth Paltrow, Sharon Osbourne, Teri Hatcher, Jennie Garth, Simon Cowell and Courtney Cox.

However, medicinal applications of Botox are much more than just eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. It is widely used to treat a number of medical conditions, and has US Food and Drug Administration’s backing as well, but only a few know that side of this neurotoxin. Some of the neurological disorders that can be treated with botulinum toxin include:

  • Chronic migraines
  • Overactive bladder
  • Strabismus – misaligned eyes
  • Blepharospasm – uncontrollable eye blinking
  • Hyperhidrosis – medical name for excessive sweating, especially in the armpits, palms of hands and feet
  • Cervical dystonia – a neurological disorder that causes severe neck and shoulder muscle contractions

What is Botox how does it Work?

Botox, brand name for botulinum toxin type A, is a naturally occurring toxic protein, produced by the bacterium called clostridium botulinum. This neurotoxin is injected into the area that needs treatment, be it for cosmetic purpose or a non-cosmetic medical condition. The toxin works by blocking transmission of chemical signals to the muscles responsible for formation of wrinkles, or the problem causing nerves and glands. The most common muscle to get Botox shots for wrinkles is the “frown muscle” on the forehead, between the brows. When the muscles underneath the frowning area do not receive signals to contract, they relax thereby enhancing the appearance of frown lines, adding a smoother look to your forehead.

Pros and Cons of Botox treatment:

There are numerous benefits of Botox treatment that make it as one the most demanded cosmetic and non-cosmetic procedure of the 21st century. The best thing about this procedure is that it is safe, effective, offers instant results and does not cause much pain or discomfort. Besides, it takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete the entire procedure, and there is no downtime associated with it. You can simply come in, get the injection and return back to work or home. No general anesthesia is required; most of the time topical anesthesia is enough to numb the treatment area.

The only downside of these injections is that they are quite expensive. However, cost of Botox injection in Dubai is quite low as compared to developed countries. If you are planning on getting Botox shots, do not forget to compare the charges in your country with those in Dubai, and you will be surprised to know the difference in rates.

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