Hair Removal Method

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When you are trying to get rid of unwanted hair particularly on the face, shaving and tweezing are two of the very common methods used. However, the drawback of these methods is that the hair that will grow back will be much harder and coarse and it will then become difficult to get rid of them permanently. Threading is an ancient hair removal method that is commonly prevails in the Middle East and India. It involves removing unwanted hair by the root with the help of a cotton thread. Besides, it can also be used to remove hairs in the chin, cheeks, sideburns, and your upper lips.

Listed below are some of the features that make threading a very useful method for hair removal:

  • A cotton thread is pulled on the area you want hair to be removed in a twisting motion. This traps the hair in a lasso style so when the practitioner pulls the thread it lifts the hair out of the follicle.
  • Threading removes the entire follicle which means hair re-growth will start to happen 6 weeks after threading is performed.
  • The procedure is clean and infection-free, because the cotton thread will only be used only once and after that it will be disposed off.
  • You can even out eyebrows with threading because it has a unique property due to which it is able to even out the hair it removes.
  • Good thing about threading is that it is a relatively quick procedure. A normal aesthetician can thread eyebrows in as fast as two minutes.
  • No chemicals are needed in threading for hair removal. A simple cotton thread is needed and your unwanted hair can be removed easily without the need for chemicals which can cause side effects to some people.
  • The procedure can yield permanent results also. Getting it done regularly can cause your hair follicle to get damaged which can stop hair growth.

Although you can do threading all by yourself but if it is not possible then you can simply visit a nearby spa or salon in your area. For instance, if you are a resident of Islamabad city then visiting Islamabad Med Spa can be a good idea. It is located in F-7 sector in the heart of famous Jinnah Super Market on Bhittai road.

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