Do Away with Your Bald Scalp through a hair transplant!

Do Away with Your Bald Scalp through a hair transplant!

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Hair loss is merely a problem that almost everyone faces. Most likely, you will never meet a single person who would say that he/she has never faced a hair loss in entire life. Elements that cause hair to fall out are so common that you cannot escape them. Some people shed hair due to diseases and disorders while others face it because it simply runs in their families. In either case, if the hair loss continues it causes hair thinning and ultimately a bald scalp. Here comes the real issue.

There are only a few who carry their bald scalps with proud while others always think to get rid of it because it makes them appear old. People who have lost their hair develop an increased self-consciousness and lose confidence. Oral medicines, hair sprays, hairpieces and scalp ointments are some options that people go for. But not all of them work well for your clear scalp and the rest would work for temporary results. Once you stop using them you will shed all the hair that you might have grown through using them over several months. Then what to do!

Hair transplant has been a big hit since its worldwide introduction some 60 years back. It earned appreciation and admiration quickly from surgeons and patients. Due to the devoted attention of surgeons, the treatment progressed by leaps and bounds and took the modern form that is widely used in every nook and corner of the world including Pakistan. People from around the world prefer to have a hair transplant in Pakistan (Pakistan hair transplant). Pakistan employs some American board certified plastic surgeons who ensure excellent results for their hair transplant surgeries. Apart from the result, these highly qualified surgeons also charge less in Pakistan than they charge in Europe or UAE. 

Hair transplant moves hair follicles from one area of scalp where they are in abundance to a bald or balding patch. Planted hair follicles start generating hair within two to three months and your scalp becomes hairy again.

Method of hair transplant

Surgeons performing hair transplant in Pakistan (hair transplant in Pakistan) widely use these two methods:

Strip removal: it is a traditional approach to hair restoration and is still used widely because it is a good choice for people who may need any subsequent hair transplant surgeries in future. It acquires a strip of skin tissues from the back of the scalp and extracts hair follicles from the strip. These follicles are then planted where they are needed.

Follicular unit extraction: it is relatively a modern technique and needs experienced and highly qualified surgeons. It involves an intensive labor from surgeon because surgeon extracts individual hair follicles from the donor area and plants them in the bald patch.

Strip removal vs. FUE

 Strip removalFUE
Can grow hair on an area other than scalp like eyebrows, eyelashes etcYesYes
Significant pain during and after surgeryYesNo
Significant post-surgical downtimeYesNo
Linear scarsYesNo
Swelling and bruising in treated areaMediumMinimal
Itching and risk of scab formationYesYes

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