Dead Sea salt skincare

Dead Sea salt skincare

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What makes the Dead Sea so famous? There is no life in the Dead Sea – not actually. Dead Sea is best known for its healing properties. People travel long distances to benefit from its healing powers. Cleopatra of Egypt knew this form of therapy, and it is written in Egyptian scrolls. There is a unique combination of salts in Dead Sea water with amazing healing properties. The Dead Sea water has 29% salt content while other oceans have a 4% salt content. This 29% salt of the Dead Sea is not sodium chloride. While 97% of the salt content of other oceans is sodium chloride, only 12-18 percent of the salt content of the Dead Sea is sodium chloride, and the remaining portion is a combination of a wide variety of minerals.

The effectiveness of the healing properties of the Dead Sea has been proved scientifically. This unique combination of minerals and salts can make your skin healthy and glowing. However, it is very difficult for most people to get therapeutic and beauty benefits of the Dead Sea by going there. The Islamabad MED Spa has brought the skincare benefits of Dead Sea salt in your own city of Islamabad. You can have a healthy and glowing skin with this therapy.

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