Botox injection for wrinkles

Botox injection for wrinkles – Pakistan is not behind!

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Dr. Bokhari, a senior plastic surgeon, told the latest trends of Botox use in Pakistan during an interview with a private TV channel. “Botox was approved in 2002 by FDA to treat wrinkles and frown lines,” he told. Botox injection for wrinkles quickly gained popularity around the world. However, Pakistan did not seem to follow the suit initially. But I am observing a fast change in this trend in recent years. People are getting more conscious about their appearance and more aware about available options. The media and the internet are catalysts for this trend. There are many patients who ask specifically for Botox – not any remedy for their increasing wrinkles.

However, he warned the public to get the Botox injection from only qualified and experienced professional. “This is not a multivitamin or antibiotic injection you can have from anywhere.” The wrong administration of Botox injection can have serious side effects. It is necessary that your doctor checks you for any possible allergy to Botox. If you don’t have any allergy to this substance, the doctor will make sure that the injection is injected into the right muscle in right quantity.

If administered properly, Botox is considered very safe, and you will be astonished by its results.

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