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How to Walk in High Heels | How Should You Walk in High Heels

by nancydavis

As wedding season approaches, we’ll likely be wearing heels. Women love wearing heels, accentuating the look and are best for formal events. But the pain they cause and the restlessness and unease we feel about wearing them are on another level. It feels like your feet are now under attack. Still, we love wearing them. If your friend is wearing women’s high heels  for prolonged hours at a party or a wedding while being at ultimate comfort and ease, and the same pair of heels feel the opposite for you, rethink! 

women's high heels

You might not be wearing it in a proper way, or you might not be getting the right one for you. So, to avoid any embarrassing mistakes at the wedding, you’re slaying the outfit. We’ve got you covered! 

How to Walk in High Heels?

We have put together a list of tips to help you learn and understand how to walk in high heels, whether they are high or mini ones. Check out the tried and true tips for walking comfortably and gracefully in heels.

Prefer Walking Heel To Toe, Not by Toe to Heel! 

The simplest way to look ungainly in women’s high heels is to place your entire foot on the ground at once as if you were wearing flats. Many people may not realize it but when you put on a high shoe, place your heel down first, accompanied by your toe. This will give your walk a more natural appearance. 

Walk in Small Steps!

As wearing heels reduces your stride, you’ll have to take smaller steps to cover the same distance. Take your time, let it be easygoing and relaxed and do not overstep. That’s the reason why slips and falls occur. 

Don’t be in a Hurry!

Not rushing while walking in heels is key to relaxed walking and a good experience with heels. When you try to walk quickly in heels, this not only seems awkward but can result in a disastrous trip. It is really essential to take your time in heels between the compromised balance and smaller steps. Moreover, walking slowly in high heels for women offers an air of confidence. It will motivate you to become a better time-keeper. 

Lean Slightly Back!

You may discover that you want to walk quicker than your high heels allow and then hunch your neck to compensate. Make sure you are leaning slightly back when walking in your favorite heels to help offset your natural tendency to press/move your torso forward. 

Slightly arch your foot.

As you take each step wearing high heels and you feel yourself slipping, it is advised to arch your foot slightly, putting pressure on the shoes’ inside. This will make it easier to manoeuvre by making your heels fit closer to the foot.

Ensure wearing well-fitted Shoes!

If your high heels do not fit properly, walking naturally in heels is nearly impossible. If your heel is too large, you can place the shoe pads inside to improve the fit. If they are too small to wear comfortably, You can choose to get them stretched by a local cobbler. 

Choose the one you feel comfortable with!

The fact is, if your footwear is too high to walk in easily, then it might be too high for you. But that surely does not mean that you don’t have any other option or all is lost. Step into Modora’s footwear collection and explore the several options available there. You can still get the shoe love by opting for the midi and high heels as they are more in trend.  

Freshen Up Your Heels Collection with Modora!

A comfy yet stylish pair of footwear is equally important as a comfortable and chic outfit. You might have heard the expression, “Give a girl a nice comfy pair of shoes, and she’ll conquer the world”! So what about a nice pair of heels? Most of us find the high heels for women uncomfortable, but following the earlier instructions of wearing heels accurately, you literally do not need to get worried at all. So, when are you throwing on your favorite pair of women’s high heels? If your footwear collection lacks one, get one for yourself at our website. Visit Modora.co.uk to shop for women’s high heels online in the UK!

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