What’s so Special About Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation?

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Search the web and you will come across with plenty of success stories of FUE, talk to a surgeon and you will hear praise, hear previous FUE patients and you will come to know some other personal experiences with pleasant endings, all this make us think, “What’s so Special About Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation?”.

Let’s see what makes FUE so special that here are just never-ending personal experiences from patients who are more than happy with their surgery

  • People who do not want to have a linear scar on their scalp like FUE because the other approach for donor hair removal, strip removal, gives a clearly visible scar on the back of the scalp. FUE scars are small dots that people easily hide through their hairstyless. These scars are not visible even with a buzz cut and no one would see them until you have all your hair shaved off after having hair transplant!
  • FUE gives a significantly low downtime. People who want to resume their activities soon after their surgery like to have FUE. Patients go back to their office either the same day or the next day after treatment.
  • FUE is minimally invasive procedure. It takes out individual hair grafts directly from the scalp. It makes FUE an amazing procedure. Being minimally invasive procedure it interacts minimally with body tissues and thus ensures a quick healing process. 
  • All surgical procedures are painful and FUE is no exception. However, being minimally invasive makes it minimally painful. Most often, hair transplant patients phrase this pain as discomfort.
  • Not all of us have enough skin elasticity that could make us good candidates for other harvesting procedures. FUE can easily be performed in such cases. People who have tight scalps can only be treated through FUE.
  • People who do not have enough hair supply on the back of their head could not be treated well previously. FUE is a good choice even for men who are severally bald. Moreover, FUE gives no linear scar so the patient does not worry that how they will hide the visible scar in their thinning hair.
  • FUE is performed only by experienced and skillful hair transplant surgeons. Even after a decade of its introduction, there are only a few surgeons who master the procedure. Being done only by qualified surgeons makes everyone pretty sure that the surgery will give excellent results. 
  • FUE is continually evolving. Researchers are still busy making procedure finer and more efficient. The use of motorized punch instead of manual punch to take out hair grafts is advancement in FUE that made the method efficient and quick. The introduction of robots to make the procedure fully automated is at an experimental stage.

I am quite sure all this information is pretty enough to establish the means behind the success and admiration of follicular unit extraction. Do you want to know more about the procedure? Are you searching for a hair transplant surgeon for advice? Feel free to drop an email for free online consultation.

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