What the recovery/healing time for hair transplant?

by admin

A hair transplant does not have a long recovery time. Unlike other surgeries, it has the shortest recovery time that is due to its minimally invasive nature. You can resume your routine activities right after the surgery. Many patients go to their offices very next day of their hair transplant.

Patients who had FUT done come to the clinic on the 7th day of their surgery for removal of stitches from the donor area. FUE patients have their scalp washed on the 3rd day and meanwhile, the bandage is also removed. The purpose of stitches and bandage, in either case, is to secure the pores of donor areass from the external environment that are left open after surgery. After stitches and bandage removal, patient is free to carry out daily routine except that strenuous activities are not allowed for next 10 to 15 days.

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