What does the Donor Area Look Like After a Hair Transplant?

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A hair transplant is an excellent procedure that provides you another chance to feel young and complete. It redistributes your hair and in doing so, grows hair in bald patches and areas where hair density is low. People like and appreciate hair transplants because it is an easy and simple procedure and offers the best results.

Hair transplant seekers are often found concerned about the results. They fear that their friends and extended family members will eventually discover that they had their hair grown with a surgical procedure. Perhaps people think so because most of the surgical procedures produce scars and incision marks that tell the story out loud. But it is not the case with a hair transplant.

What does the Donor Area Look Like After a Hair Transplant?

The only area where you can see the scars after a hair transplant will be the donor area, which donates hair grafts. The appearance of these scars depends upon the procedure that was used to harvest hair follicles.

Follicular unit extraction leaves hardly noticeable scars on the donor site. As in the FUE procedure, the surgeon takes out hair grafts directly from the scalp so, the donor site only shows pinprick scars that are not noticeable even with a buzz cut.

Strip harvesting produces a long linear scar on the back of the scalp. It is the place from where the surgeon takes out a strip of scalp tissue. Strip removal leaves a noticeable scar that people hide either with their hairstyle or through medical treatments.

How would I hide the linear scar?

Traditional strip removal leaves a visible linear scar that people hide through their hairstyle, laser skin resurfacing or a subsequent FUE.

Hairstyle can easily hide the scar if you wear long hair at least long enough to cover the back of the head and no one could see the scar.

Laser skin resurfacing makes skin smooth and scar less conspicuous. After a laser treatment skin looks more natural and does not show the signs of excision.

FUE moves some hair follicles in the scarred region and as it also develops hair so no one could see the scar. It is a good procedure that hides the linear scar very well.

Hair transplant seekers are almost evenly distributed around the world. People feel inclined towards the amazing procedure to give themselves a youthful appearance. Are you ready for your hair transplant?

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