Treat Your Acne Scars with Laser and Chemical Peel

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Acne seems to double punishment with pimples and the scars that are left behind for an undecided period of time. Certainly, it needs your double attention; first for pimples and then for scars that sometimes take years just to fade away and vanish completely. However, choosing the right acne scars treatment at the right time can save you from the horrible acne scars.

Laser treatment:

The laser is a much-appreciated procedure for acne treatment. Dermatologists perform laser treatment in a professional setting. Some features that make laser a favored procedure are:

  • The laser is a simple and safe procedure. It does nothing except selectively targeting the scars and transferring heat energy to skin tissues. This energy burns the scarred layer of skin and so you get rid of all the scars containing in that layer. As the skin heals, new layer is formed which does not contain any scar. A laser that works this way is called an ablative laser.
  • Some people prefer non-ablative lasers. These lasers do not abrade skin rather, they penetrate into deep skin layers and stimulate collagen production. This collagen fills up the scars and makes skin smooth.
  • Generally speaking, all the individuals are suitable candidates of laser treatment. However, people who have Caucasian skin type make better candidates for a laser treatment than do people with Asian or Hispanic skin type make.
  • Like all other cosmetic procedures, laser treatment is not without side effects. Some temporary side effects of the procedure are swelling, redness in skin and crusting. Rare complications that can result from a laser treatment include hypo-or hyperpigmentation, burning of skin and eczema.
  • The selection of right laser and right laser parameters are two factors that greatly determine the success of laser treatment. Also, they ensure the minimum possibility of side effects, also.
  • It is noteworthy that you must have your laser treatment from a professional and experienced dermatologist. In some clinics, assistants are given a chance to perform laser. You must avoid such conditions. Because having your treatment from an untrained person can do more damage than good.

Chemical peels:

Sometimes, the chemical is used as an acne scars treatment instead of a laser treatment or in conjunction with laser treatment. As the name suggests it uses a chemical to remove the upper layer of skin which contains scars and blemishes. Some significant points regarding a chemical peel are:

  • Chemical peel abrades the upper layer of skin and not only it treats acne scars but also wrinkles, sun burns, and other marks that the upper layer of skin may contain.
  • As the healing process continues new scar-free layer of skin is formed.
  • There are different types of solutions that are used for peeling purposes. The choice of a chemical depends upon the severity of acne scars you have.
  • Deeper peels are subjected to more serious issues than do peels that work in superficial layers.
  • Side effects of chemical peels include erythema, pigmentary changes, milia, skin atrophy, and textual changes.

Acne scars are certainly an issue but not in this age of advance cosmetic procedures. Do not be late if you think that you have developed ugly acne scars. Get your skin treated and enjoy fresh and neat skin.

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