Medical and Psychological Benefits of Massage Therapy

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Your body has definitely worked hard during all those years of your life coupled with artificial food, an unhealthy environment, too little sleep and plenty of stress. All these affect your body and soon you realize it with aches and serious medical conditions. Do you ever think about how often you pay attention to the wear and tear that your body has gone through during all his time? Do you ever saw your physician for your stiff neck or sore shoulders?

Apart from all those medicines and treatment regimens that physicians recommend you off and on, there are some other treatments that work really great. Massage therapy is one of these treatments that is often neglected perhaps because people feel more satisfied with injections, tablets, and syrups. In fact, massage therapy is one of the methods that ancient people used to treat body aches. Despite being a treatment from primitive times its benefits are scientifically proven and physicians are in consensus regarding its role in treating various physical and psychological issues. And it does not has any side effects!

Medical benefits of massage therapy

There are a number of proven medical benefits that massage therapy provides.

  • Massage therapy relieves low back pain that does not respond to medicines and other traditional treatments. Many women like to have a massage on a biweekly basis to encounter these problems (female massage in Islamabad).
  • It relieves pain and improves the functioning of the neck in patients who suffer from chronic neck pain.
  • It improves mood in cancer patients and also reduces pain.
  • Massage therapy is proved to reduce the anxiety that people develop after an incident as well as general anxiety.
  • It strengthens the immune system which is the natural defense system of a human body.
  • It helps the muscles of the body to recover from strenuous workouts.

There are different schools of thought who describe how massage therapy helps the human body. Some researchers believe that it stops signals that are interpreted as pain by the brain. While others believe that it works by providing mechanical benefits to body. In fact, further research is needed to confirm or reject these theories.

Psychological benefits of massage therapy

It not only helps your body but also your mind. In fact, it offers miraculous psychological benefits that all the men and women who have massage therapy experiences.

  • Massage therapy reduces mental stress and you experience better sleep.
  • It provides mental relaxation and peace of mind.
  • It reduces anxiety and depression resulted from some recent or past events. 
  • It helps you to focus and enhances your mental alertness.
  • It enables a person to better understand his life and respond to challenges. 

Balinese, Thai, Swedish, herbal and aroma hot stone are some of the most popular types of massage therapies. These therapies are offered in spas where experienced masseuses perform body massage for female clients (Female Massage in Islamabad). Massage therapy includes rubbing and different types of strokes using hands, arms, elbows, or feet to apply pressure on the client’s body on different pressure points and thus creating a sense of relief and comfort.   

People come weary and teary in a massage center and leaves happy and lively. The sense of affection that a caressing touch provides leave the human mind in peace and harmony.

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