Hyperhidrosis and its cost for the treatment

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Hyperhidrosis is quite a common problem these days and it leaves negative impacts on the sufferer’s lives. It is responsible for creating embarrassing and distressing situations for sufferer. Will you like having soaked clothes, wet palms, and smelly feet all the time? Of course, your answer will be no. But it really happens with some people, those who suffer from hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis lowers the sufferer’s confidence and makes him conscious. This condition occurs when sweating occurs beyond the limit, more than the need of the body and becomes unbearable. You can’t cope with such a condition by applying over the counter antiperspirants or cosmetic products.

People suffering from hyperhidrosis try their best to get rid of the situation by trying various strategies like using pads, shields, absorbent tissues and changing clothes frequently. Some people also go for the options to treat excessive sweating starting from home remedies, than prescribed antiperspirants and then oral medications too but for severe cases, these all remedies do not work. But there is one remedy for this condition and has become the most popular treatment all over the world and that is botox. Yes, the miracle drug in the field of cosmetics. The same botox is injected in armpits, palms, and soles to stop excessive sweating.

There is a common issue that a lot of the people before going for the treatment want to know about that is cost for hyperhidrosis. Botox treatment can be a little bit expensive than conventional methods but you should aim at the results of botox treatment. No other treatment can be more effective than botox. If you are the one who wants botox treatment in Dubai, Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is there to provide you with trustable treatment and effective results.

When it comes to the hyperhidrosis cost in Dubai, there are various factors that affect the cost. The most common factors on the basis of which botox treatment is charged are treatment area and units of botox. The cost of having botox in armpits will be different from having botox treatment for excessively sweating palms or soles. If we talk about cost on the basis of units, it will depend on the number of units required for the treatment and the cost of one unit of botox. The cost of botox per unit also varies and the average range for the cost is from $10 to $18.

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