How to celebrate international women’s day as a student

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International women’s day marks the celebration of progress and achievements of women. Celebrated on March 8th internationally, it is a day to commemorate the struggles of women to achieve gender equality and continue the fight. 

But what does this have to do with you—the students? 

Contrary to the general perception, women’s day is not just for women; it is for all of us. This day is to mobilize and activate regardless of one’s gender role, age, and status. You, being a student, can also partake in this cause of eliminating inequality and injustice. Here are a few ways to do that: 

Educate Yourself 

Learn the history of International Women’s day and why it is celebrated. Being a student, you can start by learning it yourself first, and then educating others about it. Learn why gender equality is important and how it affects the socio-economic norms of the environment. 

Read about Influential Women

Learn about the people who led the women’s rights movement. Read about women who left a legacy in their respective fields—the role models. For instance, you can read about Fatima Jinnah, Malala Yousafzai, Rosa Parks, or Amelia Earhart. Even fictional characters can be inspiring. You can read Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, The Secret of the Old Clock, and so on. 

Watch an Empowering Movie 

Watch a movie that debunks gender-based stereotypes and promotes gender equality. You can watch Hidden Figures, Mulan, Mona Lisa Smile, and so on. You can also watch Zarqa, Dukhtar, My Pure Land, and Aik Thi Marium. 

Write an Article for a Publication 

You can share your views and educate other people about gender equality and equitable distribution. Spread your voice by writing an article for a publication. It will help you improve your writing expression. This experience will also teach you how to connect the ideas and jot them down on paper. It will also help you with your English or Urdu essay question as well.

Do Something Good for a Woman

On this women’s day, you can appreciate the women in your life. You can take care of your little sister, do the housework for your mother, or help out a friend. You can also give gifts and cards to your friends, cousins, sisters, and mother. Write a personalized message on the card describing their best qualities and how much you admire them. 

Support the Cause on Social Media 

You can participate in the International Women’s Day campaign #EachforEqual on social media. The campaign promotes the idea of equality while maintaining that it is crucial to develop an enabled world. You can share your view with the said hashtag and be a part of it. 

Study Hard 

Now, to the female students! Did you know that there are only 24% of women on the parliamentary seats across the world? Women earn 23% less than men internationally. Every one in three women has experienced gender-based violence. You can turn this around through your education and determination to bring change. 

As the exam season is upon us, there cannot be any talk without mentioning them. The only way you can break the glass ceiling is to equip yourself with the required skills. Empower yourself by becoming an independent, self-sufficient woman. And that is possible only if you study hard and set new standards in your academic career. Ace your exams, become an inspiration, and improve the lives of others around you. 

If you need any assistance in your studies, we are always here to help.

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