How Many Times Can I Improve FSc Subjects

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If you have appeared for your FSc exams and did not receive the result you desired, then you must be wondering how many chances you have to improve your grades. Each educational board has its own policies, which are available on their official BISE website. That being said, here is a basic guide for how to improve FSc subjects.

What are the Supplementary Exams?

If you have failed any of your FSc subjects in your final board exams, then you are eligible to appear for supplementary exams. It is a retake exam so that you can pass that subject. Only students who have failed their exams, or have received subpar marks are eligible to appear for the supplementary exams. In other words, it is the “second chance” to pass. Registration for this usually begins shortly after the announcement of the final exam result. 

If you do not pass your supplementary exams, then you will be required to register for those FSc subjects and appear for the final exams in the following year. In order to prevent this, you should focus on developing a strong exam preparation strategy so that you can easily pass your supplementary exams and clear those FSc subjects. This should include dedication, hard work, and serious past papers practice. 

What are Improvement Exams?

On the other hand, improvement exams are an opportunity for students to reappear for some FSc subjects if they want to score higher marks. This option is available for students who have passed all of their FSc subjects in 12th class. Students of the 11th class cannot appear for improvement exams. You will have to visit your educational board’s official BISE website in order to find out the registration and deadline dates for this. 

If you do not get higher marks on the improvement exam, then your original result will be considered for the final HSSC qualification. In order to actually boost your grades, you will once again need to develop an effective exam preparation strategy and invest time for sufficient past papers practice. 

According to your particular situation, you will need to apply for either supplementary or improvement exams in order to improve your FSc subjects. In order to boost your grades and pass the FSc subjects, you must develop a strong exam preparation strategy and focus on solving past papers, understanding each chapter, and covering the entire syllabus. Good luck!

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