How Many Grafts will I need? How Many Sessions?

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Cost often plays the most significant role in a person’s decision regarding hair transplant. As the transplant costs are generally high that may need a patient to save some money each month to have their treatment done so they are a major concern of all hair transplant seekers.

Of all other factors that decide hair transplant cost number of hair grafts is a prime constituent. Generally, surgeons charge by graft and it means you will be charged high if you want to have the thick density or a larger area to cover. Only a hair restoration surgeon can tell you the exact number of hair grafts that you would need. However, there is a method that would help you in getting a rough idea about the number of grafts so you will be able to reach an estimate of your hair transplant cost.

Calculate the number of grafts you need

You cannot calculate the exact number of hair grafts that you would need to cover your baldness however, there is a method that a layman can use to have a rough idea of hair grafts that he needs for the bald patch(s) on his scalp.

The method assumes that a severely bald person who is NW7 has a bald area of 200-centimeter square to be covered with a hair transplant. Generally it is assumed that the person requires 1000 grafts for each Norwood level. It means NW7 would need 7000 grafts and 35 grafts per centimeter (7000/200=35). Now calculate a number of square centimeters you need to grow hair on.

  • Take a transparent paper with markings of square centimeters.
  • Place it on your head and mark the areas where you need more hair.
  • Carefully count how many square centimeters fall in the marked area.
  • Multiply it with 35. It is the estimated number of grafts that you would need for your hair transplant.

Multiply the number of grafts with cost per graft and it is the estimated cost of your hair transplant.

Number of sessions for a hair transplant

A number of sessions that you would need for your hair transplant is dependent upon the number of grafts that you would need to cover your baldness. Usually an experienced surgeon can transplant as much as 3000 grafts per session. However, it varies from one surgeon to another. If you need hair grafts more than 3000 then you will need two sessions that will be performed on consecutive days. Sometimes larger hair transplants that need two sessions use a mix of two methods for donor hair removal and some surgeons offer discounts to their patients.

You may think that a surgery spread through two days will be stressful and costly but it not wise to ask your surgeon for a large hair transplant session because such sessions inherit some serious risks like

  • A tired and worried surgeon is more likely to commit mistakes.
  • This is a greater like lihood of door area scarring in an excessively large session.
  • The large sessions may mean decreased graft survival and increased risk of damage to grafts.

Hair transplant restores your hair and your appearance. It is an amazing procedure that gives you an enhanced appearance.

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