How an Eyebrow Hair Transplant Helped Memona to Have Beautiful Brows.

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Memona is a 27-year-old girl living in Dubai, UAE. Memona is a beautiful and accomplished girl. She is educated and works in a multinational firm. Besides all this, she had a facial feature that needs her continuous attention. It is her eyebrows. Since birth, she had so thin hair at the eyebrows that they seem almost invisible. Since her childhood, when she became aware of it, she always used makeup to shape her eyebrows. It has become a part of her life that she does not give it a second thought anymore. However, she always remains cautious about wearing makeup whenever she plans to go out, or somebody is coming to her house. 

It was just a few months back when her cousin, Shazir, came from the UK to visit them. During his visit, Shazir decided to have a hair transplant. They already know each other well; so, Memona offered her company during his hair transplant. They visited a clinic named Dubai Cosmetic Surgery at Al Wasl Rd. While Memona was mostly a listener in the discussions, she came to know an interesting fact—scalp is not the only place where hair can be transplanted. She came to know that hair could be transplanted at any area of body including eyebrows. She asked the doctor whether she is a good candidate. The doctor smiled and asked his assistant to take a photograph of Memona, for which Memona had no objection. The next day, they visited the clinic for the surgery of Shazir. While Shazir was having his surgery, the assistant showed her the picture modified by computer modeling software. In that picture, Memona could see herself with beautiful eyebrows. The assistant told her that this computer-generated picture shows how she would look like after the eyebrow transplant surgery. She was amazed to see this picture; it was even more beautiful than her makeup techniques. At that instance, she decided to have an eyebrow hair transplant.

When they were going back home after the surgery, Memona told her cousin about her decision to have eyebrow hair transplant. Shazir commented that it is a good decision and claimed the credit of introducing her to this useful procedure.

Her eyebrow hair transplant surgery was scheduled next week. It took only three hours for her surgery to complete. The surgeon extracted few hundred hairs using FUE (follicular unit extraction) method from the back of her head. After extraction, doctor injected anesthetic agent at her eyebrow area and planted these hair to the eyebrow area carefully. She felt no pain whatsoever during extraction and plantation. The doctor explained the care needed for the first few days; he also explained that the hair would take several months to grow to their full length.

Now, it is more than six months since her surgery. She is extremely happy with the results. The only regret she has is that why nobody told her earlier about this marvelous procedure!

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