Get Back To Your Originality with Laser Tattoo Removal

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Today we see people wearing body carvings like tattoos to establish their individuality and for expressive purposes. Some people use them as a means to show their loyalty to a specific group like Japanese gangsters is notorious all around the world for their full-body tattooed to show their association with their gangs. Apart from the criminal world, tattoos are a trend now. They are significantly popular in Western teenagers who find it a way to express and prove themselves different or unique from others. They often forget that as their preferences have always changed with time, one day they will not like the tattoo the way they do it now.

The result of a poll conducted in 2012 showed that 1 in 8 of the 21% adult Americans who tattooed themselves regret their decision. The phenomenon is so much popular that there is a term, End-of-history illusion, which describes how teenagers and adults of all ages assume that they have gone through significant changes during the course of their lives and that they will not change in future. Thinking the same bring people to the notion that having a tattoo will give them pleasure rest of their lives the way it gives them now.

Before the advent of laser tattoo removal, people used to rely on painful procedures to remove their body carvings. Apart from being painful some of them like creams were expensive and ineffective at the same time. Dermabrasion, use of chemical agents and surgical excision of tattoo were some other methods that strikingly painful but people were ready to bear the pain and their side effects just to get rid of their carvings.

First laser treatments for tattoo removal were performed in the late 1960’s. At that time lasers were painful and less effective. Effectivelasers were introduced in 1980’s which were a major turnaround point with laser tattoo removal efficient than ever.

How lasers work to remove tattoos

High energy beam of laser is projected to skin that reaches the deeper skin layers containing tattoo and heat up ink. As the ink is heated it is divided into particles which are then absorbed by the body. As more ink is fragmented and absorbed, tattoo becomes paler with each laser session. The duration of treatment is dependent upon the tattoo and the area under treatment. Darker the color of the ink is, easier it will be to remove it. Green and yellow inks are particularly difficult to remove. Amount of pain in a laser tattoo removal can be minimal or significant depending on the area under treatment and the intensity of laser beam. Some technicians apply numbing creams to ease pain.

Laser tattoo removal provides a way to people who want to earn their previous and more natural appearance. It is admired greatly for its excellent results.

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