Fat Injections: Transferring fat where it is needed

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In olden times, people would joke about taking fat from one part of the body (where it was in excess) and sticking it to another fat deficient part as to attain balanced contours. Moreover, with time, this joke has turned to a serious reality. Fat injections are fat tissues taken from one part of the body usually the buttocks or thighs and injected into a part where there is a lack of fat or volume. You can call it an optimal reallocation of bodily resources.

The aim of fat injections is to provide a plump and luscious look to areas that look unhealthily weak without any life or fullness. Such as the cheeks, the lips, the breasts, the hands and depressions on the face such as those developed from scarring or liposuction. Injecting fat into required areas gives a younger look to those body parts.

Am I a good candidate for this?

You are a good candidate for this if you have an imbalanced distribution of fat in your body and if you are experiencing a moderate level of aging. You must be in good health when pursuing this. A history of abnormal bleeding, swelling, smoking or using drugs should immediately be disclosed to your surgeon. Each person has a different type of anatomy so the decision of choosing a fat grafting technique would vary from person to person.

Benefits of Fat Injections

Fat injections are increasingly on the rise since some time. This is owing to their many benefits. Some of which are, no chance of an allergic reaction since the fat is taken from the patient’s own body, having a natural appearance, the effects are long lasting, they are safe, can help revise facial scars, change body contours, fill depressions created by liposuction and rejuvenate the hands and face making them appear younger.

What to expect after fat injections

Some swelling and itching is experienced in the first 1 or 2 days. Redness and discomfort are also accompanied. The time of recovery depends on the extent of the procedure. When a large amount of fat is injected, it would take longer to recover and swelling may last up to a week. Your doctor should be consulted to find out how long the recovery process usually takes.

The long term results of fat injections

Most people are pleased with the long-term results of fat injections. They experience a fresher, younger looking skin with wrinkles and sagginess removed. The results are natural so even though your friends may feel a difference in your face no one would suspect that you underwent a cosmetic procedure. However, if with time you start seeing the results of fat injections disappear you can have the process redone.

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