Cast Your Stress Away With Thai Massage

by admin

Thai massage is one of the most popular massage therapies that people just love to have. It is also called as lazy yoga because it includes a number of yoga-like positions. It does not involve any oils or lotion and is performed in solo or in the form of a large group in a room. You are asked to lie down on a mat and masseur massages specific points of your body using her hands and feet. Deep static and rhythmic pressure forms the core of the therapy however, movements are highly customized and can be tailored as you want. Thai massage is believed to stimulate air pathways in your body thus, helping in air circulation throughout the body. Thai massage takes two hours or more.   

Thai massage has arrived from Thailand and is highly influenced by the traditional medicine systems of India, China, and Southeast Asia. As it has traveled throughout the world so, what we see today as Thai massage is actually a mix of conventional and modern practices. If you want a traditional Thai massage then you must go to a Thai setting.

You can have your Thai massage in Islamabad. Many spas in Islamabad offer various types of massage therapies. People enter weary and tired and leave fresh and energetic. In fact, massage therapy is a great way to release stress and depression. Apart from psychological benefits, scientists have also found that massage therapy reduces chronic low-back and neck pain in patients who were not responding to traditional treatments. It is also found to be good for maintaining mood of cancer patients. 

Without a doubt, massage is a medicine in itself. People love to be treated with care and to be pampered and this feeling is greatly shown in a Thai massage.

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