Breast Reduction to lead a comfortable life

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Although large breasts have been considered a sign of fertility and beauty throughout human history- the trends are changing. A slim and slender physique is one that you more commonly see while flipping through fashion magazines with models such as Naomi Campbell and Giselle Bundchen. Hence, women with excessively large breasts also want to achieve a well-proportioned look.

Apart from the factor of aesthetics, very large bosoms prove to be discomforting for women. Back pains, headaches, tightness in the shoulders and neck and pain in the area of the bra straps are common drawbacks of having large breasts. All of these issues accumulate to cause hurdles in day-to-day functionality causing distress and discomfort. Luckily, advances in cosmetic surgery offer the service of Breast Reduction for women to decrease breast size.

This is a procedure, which is performed under the effect of general anesthesia. The surgery takes up to 2 to 3 hours to perform, during surgery an incision is made near the areola and excess fat is removed. In some cases, excess skin may also be removed. The incision will usually leave a scar that will heal over time and disappear.

Apart from reducing the size of the breasts, this surgery also aims to lift up the breasts making them seem more youthful and firm. Women with excessively large breasts may also face problems such as unwanted attention in public, being exposed to only limited clothing options, not being able to take part in certain sports activities etc. Therefore, for women facing such problems breast reduction surgery is a wise option.

Since this surgery is of a complex nature, it is important to choose a certified surgeon with ample experience with breast reduction. The surgeon must examine your history to treat you in a customized and suitable manner. It is important that he gauges whether you are the right candidate for this surgery.

In addition to women, men also face the condition of having enlarged breasts. This situation known as Gynecomastia is one in which a hormonal abnormality causes the tissues in the breast region to swell. Such men may face embarrassment in social situations, having to refrain from wearing anything that is tight. They may experience teasing or hazing if they belong to a school going age. Breast Reduction surgery is something that men and women can both benefit from.

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