2 most effective natural sweating armpits treatments

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Sweating is your body’s way of regulating its normal temperature. Besides, it is the natural detoxification process of your body. There is no fixed rate for sweating, some people sweat more while others sweat less, depending on requirement of their bodies. But there are some who sweat profusely even when there is no need to. Whilst the actual cause of excessive sweating is yet to be known, there are certain triggers that can accelerate sweating process. These triggers include weather conditions, physical exertion, your genes, the food you eat, your stress level and the clothes that you wear.

Whatever the reason may be, sweating armpits are always embarrassing and confidence shattering. There are numerous medical treatments available to curb heavy sweating, but most of them bring their own side effects. Below are the 2 most effective natural sweating armpits treatments that will offer instant and lasting relief from this embarrassing condition, and that too without causing any serious side effects.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is the most effective age-old home remedy for armpit sweating. The vinegar not only saturates sweat pores in the armpits but also neutralizes odor causing bacteria, allowing you to enjoy dry, odor free armpits whole day. The best time for this treatment is at night since apple cider vinegar omits a strong smell. Rub some cider vinegar on your armpit skin before you go to bed and let it stay all night. In the morning wash the underarms with soap and water as usual and apply some good antiperspirant or deodorant. If you don’t have apple cider vinegar, you can safely substitute it with any other malt vinegar.

Drinking apple cider vinegar may also help alleviate symptoms of excessive sweating by flushing water soluble toxins out of your system. When drinking, dilute cider vinegar with water since it is highly acidic in nature.

Note: If you are using cider vinegar or any other malt vinegar then make sure your armpits do not have razor burn or any type of cuts, otherwise it may hurt. 

Key Lime Juice:

One of the quickest ways to curb armpit sweating is by using key lime juice. Using a sharp knife cut a key lime in half and rub one half in each armpit. Let the juice air dry completely before applying your antiperspirant or deodorant, otherwise it may stain your shirt. You can also apply lime juice before going to bed at night. In the morning wash your underarms with soap and water and apply deodorant.

Note: Do not apply key lime if you have shaving nicks or scrapes under your arms.

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