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Hair transplant trends in Dubai– is moustache “in” again?

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There was a time when a moustache was in less demand, but now moustache is making a comeback. Now, moustaches and beards are more fashionable in many cultures. Moustache is a sign or virility and masculinity. 

Dubai and Turkey are two favourite destinations for moustache transplant seekers. People form middle east, Europe, and Asia come to Dubai and Turkey to have this transplant. “People come to us from Arab countries, Asia, and Europe for facial hair transplants,” told Dr. Juan Tadeo, a Dubai based cosmetic surgeon and hair transplant expert told. 

Ibrahim, a 31-year-old businessman in Dubai, told that he lacked facial hair from his childhood. “People don’t take me seriously because I don’t have thick moustache,” that is the reason I chose to have facial hair transplant. 

Same procedure is used for moustache hair transplant and scalp hair transplant. Surgeon extracts hair follicles form the donor site and transplants it into the area above the upper lip. The extraction can be made from the back of the head. Surgeon can extracts hair from other body parts by using FUE (follicular unit extraction).

The cost of the procedure varies significantly. Some people just need to thicken their moustache of beef-up beard. For some people, this can be done with few hundred hairs. For others, thousands of hair grafts may be needed. “We charge on per graft basis. It can cost from few hundred dirhams to few thousand dirhams,” Dr. Tadeoexplained. “People come to us with a certain image. Usually, they want moustache like their favorite celebrities. We give them the same shape and volume, and left they grooming to them,” he added. 

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