Reasons Behind the Ever Increasing Trend of Breast Augmentation Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Reasons Behind the Ever Increasing Trend of Breast Augmentation Benefits of Breast Augmentation

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According to the stats issued by American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2010, 307,180 breast augmentation-mammoplastysurgeries were performed in America. No doubt, the trend is ever increasing throughout the world and every year more women are undergoing the surgery than the previous year. Did you ever wonder why the surgery is quite a success? Let’s see the dynamics of breast augmentation surgery. 

Breast augmentation or mammoplasty is a safe cosmetic surgery procedure which aims to increase size and projection of breasts. Sometimes the surgery is performed to improve symmetry of breasts usually in cases when they are unequal in size or volume. Some women have smaller breasts due to hereditary factors while many other who opt for the surgery are those who want to restore the volume and size that their breasts have lost after pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss.

Reasons of breast augmentation

The surgery is performed on three types of patients. 

  • Women who want to have larger breasts.
  • Women who want to have further changes in appearance or feel after having a breast reconstruction.
  • Women who have damaged tissues in breast(s) as a result of trauma or disease or failed development 

Aesthetic benefits of breast augmentation

  • It is often performed to give patients larger and firmer breasts.
  • It creates proportion is size and volume of both the breasts if they appear unequal. 
  • It enhances shape and symmetry of breast(s).
  • Women have more clothing options. 

Psychological benefits of breast augmentation

    • It distorts a woman’s bad image of self. Sometimes, women with smaller breasts feel odd and develop an excessive self-consciousness. Breast augmentation helps them getting rid of self-consciousness.
  • It increases women’s self confidence. With an increased confidence their social life improves and they do not feel fear in facing others.
  • Breast augmentation enhances a woman’s self-esteem. She becomes more satisfied with her looks and appearance.  

Breast augmentation using breast implants 

Implants are prosthetic devices that are used for breast augmentation. There are two types of implants that are used for this purpose. 

Saline implants they are filled with sterile saline water. They are placed empty and are filled afterwards. They are available for use in younger patients, females above 18 years of age. 

Silicone implants they are filled with viscous silicone gel and are more frequently used than saline implants. They mimic the feel of human fat and are sued pre-filled.

Psychological health of the patient

Stats of two studies namely Body Image Concerns of Breast Augmentation Patients (2003) and Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Cosmetic Surgery (2006) indicate that women who had mammoplasty also had psychotherapy, low self-esteem, increased incidents of depression and had attempted suicide. It shows the distorted psychological health of patients. That is why cosmetic surgeons are very much concerned about the psychological health of a female who wants to have a breast augmentation. The surgeon carefully observes the patient to see if the surgery would work well for her. Mammoplasty aims to give the patient an increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

Breast augmentation is a safe procedure for women who want to add some volume or increase size of their breasts. Is this information sufficient? Drop us an email if you want to know more about breast augmentation.

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