Questions that are Frequently Asked in Liposuction Consultation Sessions

Questions that are Frequently Asked in Liposuction Consultation Sessions

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Who can be a suitable candidate for liposuction?

A suitable candidate for liposuction is a person who has realistic expectation from the treatment. There is no definite or legal age for liposuction patients. Anyone with a positive attitude towards life, realistic anticipations and localized fat accumulations can opt for the treatment. People who are obese are also good candidates.

What results should I expect from liposuction if I am obese?

Liposuction is a way for obese patients but it must not be taken as the only way. Lose as much weight as you can through exercise and calorie cutting from your diet. Then consult for a liposuction. You are among people who have great potential to regain the previous silhouette some time after treatment. So, you need to be a degree more careful about your calorie intake and daily exercise to burn the calories if you really want to maintain the results.

 Does fat removal give permanent results?

Yes, the results stay permanent until you do not acquire a significant amount of fat. If the person gains moderate amount of weight after liposuction, the new body shape will simply be a larger version of the new figure. Fat cells that are removed by liposuction do not grow back. Rather, the surrounding fat cells enlarge and make changes in the shape that you have acquired from liposuction. If you become careful with your eating habits and stick to exercise, the new more pleasing and attractive silhouette will become prominent. Of course, the clock keeps on ticking always and you develop changes in your body shape as a result of aging. Nevertheless, the changes that liposuction has created in your body would remain noticeable and even prominent if you do not proton lots of weight again.

Is liposuction a weight loss technique?

The objective behind liposuction is not weight loss, rather achieving the desired body silhouette. However, you will experience weight loss after liposuction due to fat removal from your body, the primary objective is not reduction in weight. Rather creating significant enhancement in your physique.

Can fat cells come back once they are removed?

Fat cells which are removed from your body cannot come back or brow back. However, you may grow new fat cells if you gain significant amount of weight in future. A small weight gain can make your existing fat cells to grow larger by accumulating more fat.

Does pregnancy alter the results of liposuction?

Pregnancy does not alter the result of liposuction. The body will restore the previous appearance after childbirth. However, your body will show changes that typically occur after childbirth.

How many pounds can be removed through liposuction?

How much fat removal one can undergo varies from one person to another. Your surgeon will decide how much fat removal will be safe. Because complications may occur if surgeon tries to remove excess amounts of fat in one treatment. Typically surgeons suggest another visit if you want to remove more than 6 to 8 pounds.

When will I see the results of liposuction?

Usually, the outcome takes 1 to 3 months to appear fully. Treated area swells after surgery and the duration of this swelling is dependent upon the technique of liposuction and post-operative care. If fat is removed through round holes that are left open swelling usually takes 4 weeks to disappear but in case of linear incision that are sutured back, swelling may take more than 2 months. Once swelling is disappeared, you will see your new body silhouette.

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