Now You can have a Strong Chin through Fillers!

Now You can have a Strong Chin through Fillers!

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Almost all of us do not pay attention to our chins and as a result we miss a great part of enhancement that we can make in our facial features. Chin surgery aims to change the appearance of your chin to create an increased harmony in your facial features. Sometimes it is used to correct asymmetry in chin. 

Types of chin augmentation procedures

There are two types of procedures namely; implants and fillers, that are frequently used for chin augmentation. 

Chin fillers Chin implants
Involves surgery No  Yes
Duration of treatment Few minutes to less than 

an hour

40-45 minutes
Duration of results Temporary Permanent
Recovery period Short  Long 
Risks and complications Minimum Medium 
Pain related to the treatment  No pain Slight discomfort 


Chin fillers are a popular choice among people who want to have strong chins for a while or want to see how they will be looking with a permanent chin augmentation. Chin implants are sought by people who want to have a strong chin for the rest of their lives. They may have tested fillers prior to have chin implants.  

Chin augmentation without surgery

Chin augmentation without surgery involves use of fillers that fill out chin, make it strong and may lengthen your face. 

  • Usually local anesthesia is used to ease any pain due to injections. 
  • Amount of filler depends upon the results that you are expecting from the treatment.
  • Filler settles down with time and gives natural looking results.
  • You feel pinpricks as the surgeon introduces anesthetic.
  • You may feel pressure as the fillers reach and fill out your shin. 
  • The length of the procedure depends upon the amount of filler that is needed to be injected 
  • Usually procedure takes few minutes and less than an hour, at a max. 

Side effects of chin augmentation without surgery

Fillers do not inherit the long list of risks and side effects that surgical procedures have. however, they do have some side effects like

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Bumps on treated area
  • Allergic reaction

All of these are temporary side effects and resolve soon after the treatment.  

Longevity of results 

Fillers are not permanent. Chin restores its old shape after some time. The longevity of results depends upon multiple factors like activity level, skin type, filler type. Usually results stay 6-12 months after treatment. You can have repeated treatments if you want to maintain your strong chin.

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