breast augmentation-short scar

Now Have Your Breast Augmentation through a Hidden Scar

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Breast augmentation is a favorite choice of many women who want to enjoy larger breasts. The procedure is gaining popularity with each passing day and you can easily spot a continuous increase in number of women opting for the surgery each year.  According to a report issued by American society of Plastic Surgeons, 296,203 American women had breast augmentation in 2010 and the trend shows a 2% increase from the last year and a 39% increase over the last decade. 

Implants are artificial devices that are used for breast augmentation. Silicone implants are used in most mammoplasty procedures. They are filled with thick silicone gel and are available pre-filled. They give natural feel and are used for women who are above 22. Saline implant is the other type of implant that is used for breast augmentation. First they are placed in chest and are then filled with salt water. They are considered safe for women above 18.  

Breast augmentation scar

Scar is one of the major concerns that women have from a breast augmentation procedure. A good cosmetic surgeon always tries to perform breast augmentation through a procedure that ensures minimal scars (breast augmentation-short scar). Although all surgical procedures inevitably produce incision scars, surgeons try to make those incisions in a way that they would be hidden in natural crease lines. Most women fear that scar would be large and clearly visible. In fact, if your silicone implant is filled with cohesive gel then it would result in a slightly large scar otherwise the scar would be small and hidden in the crease.

Usually breast augmentation scars are hidden in the folds that are formed under the breast. Some patients prefer to have an incision in the armpit or just under the nipple. So, scars are either hidden or are just unnoticeable. Moreover, they fade with time. Some surgeons offer scar management regimen to ensure a quick fading of scar. Performing a breast augmentation through belly button does not leave a scar.

Some elements that must be considered before you opt for a breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery will have a significant impact on your future life so you must make an informed and wise decision. You must consider some chunks before deciding for the surgery.

  • Have realistic expectations form the surgery. Strive for betterment not for the perfection
  • Go for the surgery if you think that it would add value to your life. Do not make a decision for the sake of others.
  • After breast augmentation surgery you may feel difficulty in breastfeeding your baby.
  • You may need subsequent surgery if your implant ruptures or if you want to get it removed.

Breast augmentation is definitely your way if you think that smaller breasts make you self-conscious. Add some volume to your breasts and earn your confidence!

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