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Let’s Debunk the Myths of Hair Loss

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Hair loss is a cause of constant fear as we see people experiencing thinning of hair and going bald eventually. Although some carry their mature hairlines honorably, most of the people get annoyed with them. Some go for wigs while others go for permanent hair transplant. People have prejudices about hair loss that make them believe that hair loss will make them look unattractive and old.

It is an age when a few key strokes can solve a riddle for you, so there is certainly no place for myths and misconceptions that previously people carry about hair loss and frequently transfer them to others. Now you are able to separate a fact from a myth. Let’s see some myths that might have disturbed you so far.

Hair loss comes from the maternal side

It is a total myth as it is scientifically proven that hair loss is hereditary and can come from either parent.

Losing lots of strands everyday means you are balding

You will not go bald no matter how many strands you lose every day, unless the rate with which hair falls out becomes greater than the rate with which new hair appears.

Washing your head with cold water can cause bald patches

Washing your head with cold water has nothing to do with bald patches. However, it can do well for blood circulation but it does not affect hair loss.

It is unusual to lose hair before 30s

In past it might had been unusual to lose hair and had bald patches before 30s. But today it is quite common. But there is a solution, you can have a hair transplant to get your hair back.

Brushing your hair will reduce hair loss

Brushing your hair increases blood circulation but it does not prevent you from hair loss. However, too much brushing may damage your hair.

Constantly wearing hats causes hair loss

Wearing hat does not cause baldness or hair fall unless your hat is so tight that it puts excessive pressure on the hair. Hats that are loose and do not put tension on the hair, do not cause hair loss.

Hair dyes are the reason for hair loss

Hair dyes that use mild chemicals do not harm hair. But if you use hair dyes that contain strong chemicals, they may harm your hair.

Hairstyles are not bad for hairs

Hair styles that put pressure or tension on hair, such as tight ponytails, plaits or winding too tightly on to the rollers, can lead to hair loss.

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