Cost is a major issue for most of hair transplant seekers. There are some very important factors to consider when comparing hair transplant cost of different clinics.

How to compare hair transplant cost of different clinics?

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Cost is a major issue, for most of us, when considering a hair transplant. It is a good idea to compare the cost when we evaluate different clinics. However, accurate information about the factors influencing the cost of hair transplant and pricing methods of different clinics is necessary to reach a meaningful conclusion. Here is the key information you need to evaluate and compare the cost of different clinics.

Factors influencing hair transplant cost

  1. Qualification of the surgeon

Not all surgeons are equal! The surgeon can have a number of additional qualifications and memberships of local and international bodies. There are local bodies in every country, and there are some international bodies of good repute. Having an additional qualification or a membership does not necessarily mean the surgeon is better one; however, it can be one of many indications. Highly qualified surgeons tend to charge more, and usually it is worth it.

  • Experience of the surgeon

Everyone will agree that nothing can beat the experience. Experience teaches the nitty-gritty of the things, the theory cannot. If a surgeon has a lot of hair transplant experience, he will naturally charge more.

  • Reputation of the clinic

Reputation is hard to earn! If a clinic has spent years on earning a good reputation, it will like to charge some premium.

  • Transplantation method

There are two popular transplantation methods nowadays. Strip removal and FUE (follicular unit extraction). The FUE method requires more time and more effort on the surgeon’s part. That’s why, FUE method costs more than strip removal method.

Hair transplant cost – pricing methods

  • Lump sum

Although this practice is declining, many clinics and surgeons still charge lump sum amount for a hair transplant session. It is necessary to know the number of hairs or grafts, the surgeon intends to transplant in the session to compare it with other clinics and surgeons. If two clinics are charging lump sum Rs. 300,000 for hair transplant and one clinic intends to transplant 1,500 grafts while others intends to transplant 3,000 grafts, the second one is essentially charging half.

  • Per graft

This pricing method is quickly becoming a standard to calculate the cost of hair transplant session. Hair naturally grows on our head in the form of grafts – groups of 1-4 hair. It is common practice to transplant hair in the form of graft to produce a more natural look. Therefore, it is becoming standard to charge on per graft basis.  

  • Per hair

Some clinics prefer to charge on per hair basis. It is fair to charge on per hair basis, but it can be confusing for the patients who do not know the difference between a hair and a graft. A graft is naturally occurring unit of 1-4 individual hairs. Therefore, one graft is certainly not equal to one hair. Consider this point if you are comparing clinics who charge on per graft and per hair basis.

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