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How much does it cost to get a Boob Job?

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One of the most common surgeries is breast augmentation. You may finally get the size and form you’ve always desired, or you can regain your pre-baby breast size. The end product may be dramatic, but it does not have to be. In certain circumstances, breast augmentation might be a minor alteration. The majority of women who choose breast surgery in Dubai opt for implants that will give them a C cup.


What is a Boob Job?

Breast augmentation is often called a breast surgery in Dubai or augmentation mammoplasty. It’s a cosmetic surgery that enlarges your breasts. Breast augmentation may also be executed by transferring fat from another part of your body or, more typically, by surgically implanting breast implants.

Candidates include women who wish to simply enhance the size of their breasts or who have lost volume in their breasts due to various factors, including slimming down or pregnancy.

People with disproportionate boobs may want to consider augmentation to even out their size. People whose breasts did not grow they way they wanted it to are also candidates.

Before augmentation can be done, a person’s breasts must be entirely grown.


Cost of Boob Job

Boob Job cost in Dubai starts at roughly AED 25,000 and goes up from there.

However, breast implants cost in Dubai might vary. Fees for the following may not be included the stated amount:

the implants themselves anesthetic the surgical facility or hospital any necessary tests or lab work drugs clothing to wear during recovery

Elective cosmetic operations like breast augmentation is not covered by health insurance so patients will likely have to pay full price.

Consider the procedure’s and recovery’s time expenses as well. While the first healing period should only last one to five days, the discomfort and edoema may linger for many weeks.

Patients will also need to schedule time off from work on the day of the surgery, as well as for several days after that, to recuperate from the discomfort.

Furthermore, your doctor may prescribe a powerful pain reliever that makes driving unsafe. You will a way to get to and from your operation. While you’re taking any essential pain medications, you’ll need someone to drive you.

Once your plastic surgeon has approved you, you may resume your routine activities. When it’s safe to resume activities like exercising, they’ll let you know.


Basics of a Boob Job

Breast augmentation involves surgically inserting an implant or fat from your body behind each of your breasts. The implants are hidden either below your chest muscles or behind the tissue of your natural breasts. This may increase the size of your breasts by a cup or more.

You have the option of having a contoured or spherical breast implant. The implant material helps to increase the size of your breasts while also giving form to places that may have seemed “empty” before.

Remember that breast augmentation is not the same as a breast lift. Sagging breasts may be improved with a lift.

Implants are typically soft, flexible silicone shells that are filled with saline or silicone.


A Breast Enhancement Procedure

If you choose to undergo breast surgery, it will be done at an outpatient surgical center or comparable facility. People are usually allowed to be discharged on the same day as their operation.

The treatment will almost certainly be done under general anesthesia, which means you will not feel any discomfort. In the 24 hours leading up to your operation, follow your surgeon’s instructions for preparation.

Your surgeon will next separate the tissue of your breast from the muscles and tissue of your chest to create a pocket. Your implants will be inserted into these pockets.

If you choose saline implants, your surgeon will fill them with sterile saline solution once the shell is safely put. They’ll already be filled if you pick silicone.

After your surgeon has successfully inserted your implants, they will sew up your wounds and fix them with surgical tape and surgical glue. After the anesthetic wears off, you’ll be watched in recovery and then discharged to go home.


Risks and Complications

The necessity for follow-up surgical treatments to address any issues that may occur is a typical concern with breast augmentation surgery. As their skin extends over time, some patients may want a different size implant or a lift.

Other potential dangers and adverse effects include:

  • Bruising and bleeding
  • Discomfort in your breasts
  • Infection at the surgical site or immediate vicinity of the implant
  • The growth of scar tissue within the breast is known as capsular contracture.
  • Rupture or leaking of the implant modification of breast sensation (often temporary following surgery)
  • “Rippling” of the skin above the implant site, frequently under the breast, improper implant placement, or movement accumulation of fluid surrounding the implant incision site difficulties healing.
  • discharge from the breast or at the site of the incision
  • Skin scarring is extensive, and nightly perspiration is extreme.
  • The use of general anesthesia, like any surgical operation, has dangers, including death during the surgery.


Any discomfort in the breast or armpit, as well as any change in breast size or form, should be checked by your surgeon once you’ve recovered. This might be a sign of a burst implant. Because implants leak slowly, it’s not usually simple to see a rupture straight away.

Chest pain and loss of breath are two more uncommon consequences. These are medical situations that may need admission to a hospital.

Patients having breast implants should keep a close eye on their breasts and see their doctor if they notice any changes, such as new enlargement, edoema, or soreness.


What to Expect

Following your breast augmentation treatment, your surgeon will likely recommend that you wear a compression bandage or a sports bra to provide the support you need during recuperation. They may also prescribe pain medication.

Your surgeon will also inform you on when you should resume regular employment and leisure activities. Most individuals can return to work in a few days, but you may need up to a week off to heal. If your job is more physically exhaustive, you will need to take more time off to recover.

When it comes to exercising and physical activity, you will need to take a two-week break from anything intense. You should avoid boosting your blood pressure or pulse after invasive surgery. Aside from that, too much movement will cause your breasts to hurt.

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