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How Long Does Hair take to Grow After Hair Transplant?

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Hair transplant is an excellent procedure that moves hair follicles usually from scalp to a bald patch. Hair grafts took some time for settling into the new place and then they start growing hair. Your transplanted hair looks nothing less than natural. The new hairline looks quite normal and no one could ever guess that you had grown your hair through a surgical procedure.

Some people fear that their transplanted hairs would fall soon. It is not right. In fact, transplanted hairs usually do not fall. Any subsequent hair fall is most likely from the untreated area. Some people also have hair transplant in their untreated areas to stop hair fall altogether. 

You can brush your new hair, shampoo them and even pull them. If they fall out ever, they will grow again from the same planted grafts. 

How long will my hair take to grow after hair transplant?

Hair transplant moves hair grafts not hair. It means you would look bald after your hair transplant until those planted hair grafts start producing hair. Your new hair would appear within the next 3 to 4 months after surgery and after that they will grow at the rate of 1cm per month. They are not different from the rest of your hair and can grow as long as your rest of the hairs are.

There are two methods for a hair transplant that are widely used to harvest donor hair, strip removal and follicular unit extraction. Strip removal removes a strip of hair from the back of the scalp and extracts hair follicles from this strip. These follicles are then planted to an area where they are needed. FUE extracts follicular units directly from the scalp and plants them to a bald patch. Both methods have their positive and negative aspects. However, they are efficient in producing new hair and hairs grow with the same rate in both cases.

Hair transplant is an amazing procedure that regrows your hair. You must not worry about the length of the hairs because your new hair would grow following same pattern and same size as the rest of your hairs do.

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