Hand spa treatment

Hand spa treatment

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No matter how well dressed you are, but if you have dirty and untidy looking hands this may hinder your attraction big time.  If you are tired of peeling cuticles and listless nails, it is time for you to go for a proper hand spa treatment. Getting yourself fully treated once a week ensures that your hands and nails bear a lustrous and beautiful look. The entire procedure is quite easy, inexpensive and a nice excuse to take some spare time out for yourself. However, before you wish to undergo the treatment it is good to have some idea about how it is performed.

  • The treatment starts with your hand soaked in a tub or any utensil containing warm. This will soften you hand and also open the pores a little.
  • After about 10 to 20 minutes, your hands will then be exfoliated so as to remove any dead skin cells on the surface with a hand scrub.
  • The scrub applied in hand spa treatment contains lemon and lime essential oils suspended in a mixture of Sweet Almond and Apricot oil.
  • The lime essential oil used in the procedure is extremely beneficial in order to keep the balance and tone the ph of the skin.
  • After that, a hand mask will then be applied for hydrating the hands containing lemon, melon and lime essential oils in a rich formulation.   
  • Your hands will be wrapped in cellophane or some kind of a cloth so that it slowly absorbs the mask applied on to it.
  • In the last step of hand spa treatment, the applied mask is removed and hands are massaged with a protective lotion containing avocado and almond to help keep the moisture locked in.

To best results of hand spa, it is advised that you get it done atleast once a week. If you are in Islamabad then there are some excellent spas and salons offering such services. The Islamabad Med Spa located in the famous F-7 Sector at Bhittai road is one best and reliable venue to get all such treatments done.

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