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Hair transplant in Lahore – Cost and considerations

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People experiencing hair loss tend to try different option to save their hair. Some try prescription medicine while others fall prey to fraudulent hair growth products. In fact, it is very difficult to stop hair loss. Care and medication can be effective to slow down hair loss, but neither of them can completely stop hair loss, let alone regrow lost hair.

Currently, hair transplant is the only ray of hope for balding people. Although a hair transplant cannot create new hair follicles, it uses your existing reserves in such a way that it creates a pleasing effect – relieving you from the balding complex.

The most important issue about your hair transplant is the quality – whether hair transplant will produce your desired results or not. But experience tells that this is not the first issue that comes in the minds of hair transplant seekers. In fact, cost is the first issue, which comes in the minds of hair transplant seekers. After all, what is a quality transplant worth if you cannot pay its cost. Here is an overview of the cost of hair transplant in Lahore and some tips to minimize it.

Transplantation methods

There are two popular transplant methods nowadays, time tested strip removal method and newer FUE (follicular unit extraction) method. Both methods are successful in producing good, natural looking results. However, the cost of both methods is not the same. FUE requires more skilled surgeon and more labor on the surgeon’s part. That is why it costs more.

Tip-1: If you can have good results using strip removal method, choose it. This is a time-tested method, which produces good results and costs less.

Tip-2: Whichever method you choose, do not compromise on quality. Make sure that the surgeon can produce excellent results. If you cannot afford a good surgeon right now, postpone your surgery, until you have the required money to afford a good surgeon.

Pricing mechanism

Surgeons and clinics are using three different pricing mechanisms. Here is a brief introduction to all three.

Lump sum pricing: Many surgeons and clinics have created packages and charge lump sum amount for transplant session. This is an old method, and can be ambiguous at times. If you are choosing a transplant package based on lump sum amount, do not forget to ask the number of hair or grafts, the surgeon is going to transplant during the session. In Lahore, the lump sum amount goes somewhere between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 300,000.

Per hair pricing: The required number of hair can vary greatly from person to person. Due to this reason, clinics are offering pay per hair pricing option. Pay for 1000 hair if this is your requirement, or pay for 5000 if you need that much hairs.

Per graft pricing: There is difference between a hair and a graft. The hairs on our head do not consist of individual strands. They consist of grafts, a unit containing 1-4 strands. To produce natural results, surgeons plant hairs in the form of grafts. So, it is fair to charge on per graft basis. Per graft charges in Lahore range between Rs. 35 and Rs. 125 depending on the quality.

Tip-1: If you are not completely bald, try using hair loss concealing fibres like Toppik and Derm Match while you save money for your transplant.

Tip-2: If a transplant session of three or four thousand grafts is out of your reach at the moment, get a mini transplant of, say, one thousand or fifteen hundred grafts. You can use hair loss concealing fibres with a few hairs on your head to have great looks.

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