Hair Loss Vitamins Deficiency

Hair Loss Vitamins Deficiency

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When most people experience hair fall, they just start worrying about the problem without even bothering to find out the actual cause. Although there are many reasons that trigger hair shedding off the scalp but hair loss vitamins deficiency is something that very less people would be aware of.  Generally speaking, Vitamins are essential tools in caring for your body. If you have sufficient supply of vitamins in the body, they help in keeping it as healthy as possible. Hence, when you do not have enough of certain vitamins in the body, it can cause a number of health conditions including hair loss.

There are many people, for whom their diet and the lack of the right vitamins and nutrients can be one of the major reasons that their hairs start looking a little thinner than before. The body needs plenty of nutrients in order to function the way that it should because all systems rely on important nutrition. If for some reasons you are not getting the minerals and vitamins that you need, the body may not be able to perform the way it should, which can result in hair loss vitamins deficiency. Given below is a description of some essential vitamins needed by the body:

  • Vitamin A is stored in the liver. Its excess could cause symptoms such as headaches, sickness, tiredness, and hair loss while deficiency can result in coarse hair and dry skin.
  • Vitamin B also known as Inositol is found in citrus fruits whole grains, liver, and in yeast. It is important in keeping the scalp and hair healthy and its deficiency can not only cause hair loss, but also eczema.
  • Vitamin E and Vitamin H (also known as Biotin) are considered to be handy in preventing the loss of hair and fixing the process of hair going gray but not suggested to patients with high blood pressure.
  • Vitamin B12 is one of the main types which could be missing if you are suffering from hair loss vitamins deficiency or hair thinning. It helps in keeping your metabolism going and also produces hemoglobin, which is vital for red blood cells.

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