Breast Enhancement – Breast Augmentation

Feel More Confident About Their Appearance

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Women with small breasts often tend to feel a bit less feminine and are sometimes sexually conscious. 

To boost their confidence, breast augmentation is the best way to give curves to such women and make them feel more confident about their appearance. The procedure can also help regain those youthful and upright breasts a woman used to have before being pregnant and having babies. Studies have found that more massive breasts can help balance your hips and eliminate pear-shapes. Nevertheless, some women may be reluctantly undergoing this surgery due to a lack of awareness. Below given are some features of this surgery to understand the significance:

  1. This surgical procedure aims at helping women feel more confident about their appearance by making the breast area more attractive and aesthetically in proportion to the body.
  2. Breast enhancement is beneficial for women who have gone through accidents and fatal diseases like breast cancer, as a result of which they often lose one or both the breasts.
  3. Women who are quite content with their breast size tend to have better confidence levels and remarkable self satisfaction which can eliminate the risk of depression.
  4. Good candidates for breast enhancement are women with generally good health condition, have no current medical illnesses, and are not allergic to anesthesia and saline or silicone implants.
  5. Women who wish to get a breast enhancement procedure, first look for the best surgeon who has a good background and can meet their expectations. The next thing to do is schedule a consultation where you can talk about the critical matter with surgeons.
  6. The breast implants procedure starts with administering patient general anesthesia to ensure no pain during the surgery. After that, the surgeon makes incisions in the area under the breast, below the armpits or around the nipples depending on the kind of implants the patient prefers.
  7. The recovery period for breast augmentation varies according to the chosen type of implants and can last for a few days. Any heavy exercises or activities are not encouraged during this healing period as it may infect the breast areas.
  8. Women who may be looking for a renowned, well-reputed and reliable surgeon must visit Dr. Farhat Bokhari. He is an American Board certified surgeon who is an expert in Breast augmentation Surgery and has been practicing his skill in U.S, U.A.E and Pakistan for more than 20 years.

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