FAQ about Endoscopic Brow Lift Surgery

FAQ about Endoscopic Brow Lift Surgery

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What is a brow lift surgery?

A brow lift is also known as forehead lift or browplasty. It aims at correcting droopy eyebrows which may obstruct vision and removing forehead wrinkles and fine lines. The surgery changes position of soft tissues of forehead thereby elevating the saggy eyebrows. 

What are different procedures of brow lift surgery?

There are four different procedures that are used for browplasty. Old patients or those who have thick eyebrows and male pattern baldness are often treated with direct brow lift. People who have excessively droopy brows and deep wrinkles on forehead are suitable candidates of mid forehead lift. If you do not want any incision on your face and an elevated hairline, then coronal forehead lift may be a good procedure for you. If you are willing for a lesser invasive procedure that ensures quicker healing and less discomfort, then perhaps endoscopic brow lift is the best answer for you.

Who can benefit from a brow lift surgery?

Anyone who wants to remove or reduce wrinkles that appear on forehead and between eyebrows and/or wants to reposition a droopy eyebrow that may obstruct vision can benefit from brow lift surgery. It gives your face a raised appearance and you lookalert and youthful.  

Does brow lift give permanent results?

Brow lift procedures show considerable results even after several years. They are not like surgeries that need to be repeated every now and then. Rather, they are generally accepted for longevity of their outcomes. 

I cannot take many days off from work, which procedure should I go?

If you want a long term solution for your droopy brows and/or forehead wrinkles, cannot afford a long recovery period and want quicker healing, endoscopic brow lift may be a perfect choice for you. It involves less discomfort and quicker healing. You will not need to take many days off from your work.

How endoscopic brow lift is better than other procedures?

Endoscopic brow lift is relatively a new procedure. It entails many benefits that traditional brow lift lacks. Some of its worth considering advantages are:

  • It is lesser invasive than other procedures of brow lift surgery.
  • Only small incisions are made.
  • It involves minimal bleeding.
  • Endoscopic brow lift recovery is quick and with less discomfort.

What is the procedure of endoscopic brow lift?

Surgeon performs surgery by making 2 or more small incisions in the forehead then inserts a small camera through incision and watches video on screen. Surgeon adjusts muscles and tissues according to the requirement, lifts skin to elevate brows, skin may or may not be sutured to support the elevated skin and at the end, incisions are closed with stitches. 

What should I expect after an endoscopic brow lift surgery?

Endoscopic brow lift recovery is not long and you will be able to resume your activities soon after the surgery. Most probably, you will not encounter significant pain after endoscopic browplasty. Rather you will have discomfort and feel headache for 2 to 3 days. Pain medications are prescribed to ease your discomfort that most of the times patients take only for first two or three days. You will have temporary swelling and numbness in your brow and when sensation is back, most probably you will have itching and feeling of paresthesia for some time. To ensure a quick healing process, you must act upon the surgeon’s post-op advices. 


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