Eyelid Surgery Recovery

Eyelid Surgery Recovery

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When you are planning to go for a surgery, there are many things that you take into account to ensure that you obtain what you expect. Hence, if it is a matter of undergoing blepharoplasty, then among all the other factors that you will consider the eyelid surgery recovery period holds great importance. This is more because you want the results of surgery to be revealed as quickly as possible. When you see that it will be a long wait before you are able to see the actual results of a surgery, then sometimes it makes you drop the idea of undergoing it. 

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty demands that you give your face and your body the time it needs to heal properly. This means that you will have to take time off from work and have to avoid rushing back to your normal habitual activities. During the period of eyelid surgery recovery make sure that you are patient with yourself and give yourself all of the time you need. Individuals who have a blepharoplasty can either do so on an outpatient basis or can opt to spend the night in the hospital. The plastic surgeon will assess your situation and will decide what is best for you.

For instance, if anyone suffers from complications during or following the operation, he or she will be required to stay overnight in the hospital in order to be monitored properly by medical staff. During the eyelid surgery recovery period which starts right after the procedure is completed, a patient can expect to experience swelling as well as redness in the area where incisions are made. You may also notice that there is a great deal of tearing from your eyes. In some cases, people find that their eyes are the opposite, that they are very dry and/or that the area around the eye is dry.

To deal with these problems, doctors prescribe certain medicines such as an ointment. However, using any type of ointment can cause your vision to become temporarily blurred, which is a frequent side effect of blepharoplasty. As the eyelid surgery recovery period gets underway your eyelids are likely to feel tight and you may experience some soreness. Taking an over-the-counter analgesic should help with this. Be aware that this is a natural aspect of having a cosmetic procedure on this part of your face. Taking proper rest assures that the condition will improve before it is too long. In some cases, patients do notice intense sensitivity towards light which is also temporary.  


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