Female Hair Transplant

Do female hair transplants work?

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When we talk about hair loss or baldness then it is usually men who are thought to be suffering from it more than the women. However, there are cases in which some females have also fallen victim to this condition. It may not be wrong to say that baldness in women is not only unusual but seems quite weird at the same time. After successfully treating millions of men world over, the surgical hair restoration has come up with so called female hair transplant. The surgery is very much the same as it is in normal hair transplant but still there are some differences.

Since the results of hair loss in women are not as severe as they are normally found in men, so the used techniques may prove to be relatively new phenomena. The work to be done may not be all that much excessive and is more of a routine affair for most surgeons. The surgeon performing female hair transplant just needs to transplant tiny groups of follicles into the affected area. These groups of follicles may be harvested from any part of the head where the hair density is quite good and the growth is also healthy. The new hair growth does not start overnight and may take 6 months to a year.

Generally speaking, the surgery is recommended for females with hereditary conditions such as androgenic alopecia, also called female-pattern baldness. Besides, hormonal imbalances because of having a baby, menopause, specific birth control tablets, and ovarian cysts are other causes of hair loss. Nevertheless, before undergoing female hair transplant, it is important to understand that the surgery will only be successful if the transplanted hair is of sufficiently good quality. This is because if the transplanted hair is thin by nature then the new hair that will grow after the transplant has been done is likely to be more or less thin.

It is worth-mentioning here that before you go on to finalize your decision to undergo the surgical hair restoration that are some very important aspects to be considered. The first task is to wisely choose the surgeon or the surgical center for the transplant. The other important thing is the cost of female hair transplant which is very much on the higher side. You may find many surgical institutes who offer the surgery at a very low cost. Going for them may help you save some money but there will be some never ending and even life threatening complications afterwards.

When we talk about surgical hair restoration there are two very common techniques used for this purpose. One which is quite conventional is known as strip harvesting or FUT method while the other is known as Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE method. Since the FUT method is quite invasive so the FUE technique is more suitable to be used in case of female hair transplant. The surgeon just shaves a certain patch of the scalp from where the hair removal is to be done. As it is camouflaged under the surrounding hair so there is no clue that you have undergone the surgery.

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