Common Breast Problems after Breastfeeding and their Solutions

Common Breast Problems after Breastfeeding and their Solutions

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Mothers create an amazing bond with their babies when they breastfeed them. All of us know that breast milk has no comparison with any other food for infants. However, breastfeeding your baby may make you concerned about your own self. “Will breastfeeding change shape of breasts?” is a frequently asked question by mothers around the world. Women have a serious concern for the shape and size of their breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding their infants.  

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are not the only element that can change size or shape of your breasts. They change throughout your life as a normal growing process or due to genetics ,weight gain or weight loss. Their size and shape are determined by the amount of fatty tissues accumulation.  Breastfeeding may cause a shift in fatty tissues and connective tissues of your breasts.

Do breasts sag after breastfeeding?

A study conducted in 2007 showed that it is not the breastfeeding that alters your breast size and shape. There are multiple other factors that come forth and determine the changes.

  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Number of pregnancies
  • Pre-pregnancy breast size
  • Age

Pregnancy plays an important role in changing the shape of your breasts. During pregnancy, ligaments that support breasts stretch due to an increase in size of breasts. This stretching causes saggy breasts after pregnancy and it has nothing to do with breast feeding. Your breasts will change their shape and size whether you nurse your baby or not. Heavy breasts appear more saggy and sagginess increases with each subsequent pregnancy.

Age, smoking and weight also alter the elasticity of skin so they also contribute to change size of your breasts.  

Shape of breasts after breastfeeding

As far as shape is concerned both the breasts may behave differently. It means you may witness a change in one breast that did not appear in the other. For example breast engorgement that is caused by congested blood vessels may leave only one of the breasts misshapen. 

If a dimple appears on your breast it may be a sign of breast lump. You must consult a doctor immediately.

Size of breasts after breastfeeding

You may have uneven breasts before your pregnancy and even after nursing your infant. After pregnancy and nursing one of your breasts may return to its actual pre-pregnancy size while the other may stay same, sag or become flatter. Both the breasts may behave the same way or quite differently.

Solution for unequal breasts

There are some cosmetic surgery procedures that can help you in getting back an equal size for your breasts. Many women seek for breast augmentation after breast feeding because it makes both the breasts of equal size. You can benefit from the treatment if 

  • You have unequal breasts
  • You want to have large breasts

Implants and fillers are two widely used procedures for breast augmentation.

Fillers they are injectable that increase size of the breast temporarily. Usually they last for 6 to8 months and you need to take them repeatedly to maintain results.

Implantsthey are placed through surgical procedure and last several years. 

Why breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a good choice because it

  • Increases plumpness and fullness of breasts
  • Gives balanced appearance
  • Enhances shape and symmetry of breasts
  • Gives you more clothing options
  • Sets you free from self-consciousness
  • Gives new breast to women who have lost their breast due to cancer

Breast augmentation after breast feeding is popular choice among women. It not only gives you a balanced appearance but also helps in achieving an increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

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