Chin Augmentation is on Rise!

Chin Augmentation is on Rise!

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Chin augmentation is a growing trend especially in Asia as Asian women want more defined jawline and strong chins. Chin augmentation aims at changing the underlying structure of face to create a balanced appearance. Strong chins are highly appreciated because people take them as an indicator of a strong personality. 

Types of chin augmentation

Chin fillers they are used for non-surgical chin augmentation. Fillers fill out chin with injectable material that can be fat, Restylane, Perlane, Radiesse or any other substance. Fillers produce temporary results and they are good for people who want to see that how a permanent chin augmentation would look like if they go for it. Benefits of chin fillers are:

  • They are great for people who have chin asymmetry
  • They show quick results
  • They are cheap alternates of chin augmentation surgery
  • They do not have a long list of risks and complications
  • They are not significantly painful. Rather, you can classify the treatment as discomforting. 
  • Fillers show how you will look after chin augmentation and you can decide whether you should go for permanent chin augmentation or not 

Chin implantsit is a surgical techniques that uses medical implants to make your jawline more defined. It gives permanent results and is often used after rhinoplasty when surgeon and the patient feel a need to create balance in facial features. It is very popular among patients who want to enhance their features. Benefits of chin augmentation surgery are:

  • It produces permanent results.
  • Results are reversible. You can get your implant removed whenever you want your old self back.
  • The surgical procedure is simple as compared to other cosmetic surgery procedures.
  • Although there are some temporary side effects that every surgery entails, permanent side effects are almost none.  

Chin augmentation recovery

Fillers as they are just injections,do not give a patient downtime and a significant recovery period. You are most likely to have aching, bruising and swelling at the injection site but it is temporary and disappear soon. 

Chin implants chin augmentation recovery takes little longer when the treatment involves chin implants. Length of the recovery period depends upon the technique used for surgery, the patient’s healing ability and if the surgery is done in conjunction to another surgery. Most probably you will be able to walk around the same day after surgery. Your lower lip will appear bruised and swell and you will feel tightness around chin for some days. You will feel numbness in your lower lip. Painkiller pills are recommended to ease discomfort. Some rare side effects of chin implant surgery are infection, bony changes and displacement of implant. 


Results of chin augmentation

Chin augmentation produces quite natural results. No doubt, you will appear somehow changed with a strong chin and perhaps a lengthy face but people will unable to reach to the surgery. Most probably, your friends will ask that if you have gained some weight. 

Chin augmentation is a quick and safe process to enhance your facial silhouette. A little work done on your chin produces great and noticeable results.

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