Labiaplasty: What You Need To Know

Can Labiaplasty Help You? Here’s What You Need To Know About It.

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All kinds of surgeries have now been introduced and are in practice now for a variety of medical as well as cosmetic reasons with intimate surgery being one. With the increase of acceptance regarding different procedures, intimate surgeries, such as labiaplasty, are also becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. It is encouraging to see stigmas being removed from such female-related procedures because in most cases they become a necessity. In this blog, you will get to know why people opt for labiaplasty and under what circumstances it becomes necessary. Labiaplasty surgery in Dubai is also becoming famous, so we can provide information regarding labiaplasty’s cost in Dubai and address other queries you might have.

What is Labiaplasty?

Sometimes in females, labia minora, colloquially known as the inner vertical lips of a female, overgrows. This flap increases as we age. Labiaplasty, therefore, is a surgical procedure, classified under vaginal rejuvenation treatments, in which the excessive labia majora are tucked inside the labia minora to tighten the said area. This particular part of the female organ is closest to the clitoris. Basically, in order to tuck these labia minora, labiaplasty is done and specifically when females consider their labia too long.

Why is Labiaplasty Done?

Labiaplasty is carried out for a variety of reasons. However, doctors agree that it is only rarely when this treatment becomes medically essential; meaning thereby that mostly it is done for cosmetic reasons. Intimate surgeries will help you feel confident and youthful. Many women after going through childbirth, lose tightness which can make them self-conscious. To solve this problem, labiaplasty is gaining popularity. In short, the cosmetic reasons are:

  • To appear youthful
  • To restore confidence
  • To have better sexual experience

The medical reasons for having labiaplasty done are:

  • To eradicate the discomfort that an elongated labia entails
  • To be able to wear underwear and yoga pants comfortably
  • If the labia are long and it comes in the vagina during sexual intercourse, it can be extremely painful

Labiaplasty has been equally used for both cosmetic and medical reasons. Women now go for this surgery for whatever practical reason they have.

What does Surgery Include?

As is the case with other surgical operations, an anesthesia is employed. Then the surgeon removes excess labia so that the rest of it can be fit inside the labia majora.  It is important to note that only a certain part of it is trimmed which the doctor deems unnecessary.


This is a safe procedure; however, you still need time to properly heal before going on about your routine life. The recovery does not take too long but you need to be careful and follow the instructions of your doctor. For a few days, you might be prescribed some pain-relieving medicines. You will have to take a week or two off in order for the area to properly heal. Refrain from exercising or wearing tight pants. Instead, wear loose clothes that do not act as a hindrance in the healing process.

Cost of Labiaplasty in Dubai

The cost of labiaplasty is not the same everywhere. It is the surgeon you chose or the clinic you choose that determine the cost for labiaplasty, for the most part. Therefore, in order to get exact figures, you will have to consult a surgeon themself. Labiaplasty will cost you around AED 25,000 to AED 30,000. It might seem like a costly procedure but that is majorly because this procedure requires a lot of pre-op and post-op sessions with your surgeon, the medical equipment necessary for your surgery, and the surgery itself.

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