Can a Hair Transplant make a Woman’s Hair Longer and Thicker?

Can a Hair Transplant make a Woman’s Hair Longer and Thicker?

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When it comes to hair loss many find it hard to believe that women can be affected by this condition just as bad as men can. While men in general are more prone to suffer from hair loss it is still a very challenging situation for women.

A hair transplant can tackle this issue and make women regain and restore hair that is thicker and longer. In this process, first the hair transplant surgeon removes donor hair follicles from the back or sides of the scalp. Then he transplants these follicles where hair loss is being experienced

Cosmetic surgeons who understand the standards of aestheticism remove hairs from parts of the head where it will not be noticeable. In a hair transplant it is only, possible to use the person’s own donor hair otherwise the body rejects foreign bodies- in addition to that it ensures that the color, texture, thickness and look of the donor hair is an exact match with the patient’s hair.

A hair transplant can make the hair appear thicker by rearranging it with the right angle to create density. For this, the surgeon selects the best and thickest donor follicles possible and transplants them in such a way that they show rich results.

A hair transplant also enables hair to grow longer as the cosmetic surgeon uses hair follicles that are genetically programmed to grow. By selecting those hair follicles that are inclined to grow longer, longer lengths can be experienced in sparse regions of the head.

This gives the overall appearance of long and strong hair. Women do not have to suffer from thinning, hair shed or balding patches anymore- a hair transplant has been successfully performed on thousands of women around the world as men.

It can minimize the effect of a thinning hairline, a protruding widow’s peak, and balding patches in the front or a balding crown. Hair transplants have helped many women achieve length, luster, volume and thickness.

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