Breast Lift –Mastopexy

Breast Lift –Mastopexy

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From the appearance perspective, a perfect woman is not necessarily the one who has a beautiful face. Instead, it is the one who has each and every physical feature in perfect contour. No one can deny that having fuller and upright busts add up to the attraction of every woman. However, if you are not happy with how your upper body looks then breast lift – mastopexy can help you in obtaining the desired shape. It is considered as the most familiar breast enlargement procedures. This surgery can help in lifting and restoring fullness of your loose breasts and can be performed with or without the introduction of breast enhancement means.

As a result of factors like ageing, pregnancy, weight fluctuation and the affect of gravity, breasts can lose their youthful position and tone over time. The position of the nipple drops and the breast acquires an uneven amount of skin in relation to the underlying tissue. Breast lift – mastopexy is a procedure performed to work against these issues, thus offering a more youthful appearance to the breasts. The nipple is raised and the amount of surplus skin reduced in order to obtain an improved shape. Nevertheless, before you plan to undergo this procedure, just have a glance at some of its below listed features:

  1. The procedure does not typically offer a long-term increase in upper fullness unless an implant is used. Somehow, this depends upon the patient’s goals and concerns that an implant may or may not be used. 
  2. Due to the effects of gravity on the heavier breasts, results of breast lift – mastopexy for women with larger chests are not long lasting but those with small chests see the best outcomes from this procedure.
  3. If the surgery is administered by a competent and experienced surgeon, the procedure is simple and involves making an incision by the lower portion of the breast part. 
  4. Breast lift is a major operation and involves the use of general anesthesia. However, when the anesthesia wears off, the patient may experience some discomfort that may require some painkiller medication to ease off.
  5. The extent of breast lift – mastopexy determines the number as well as size of the incisions. The more lift you want, the greater chances will be there of more severe incisions.
  6. After surgery, light tapes are placed over the incisions and a sports bra is applied. Scarring caused by incisions will vary depending upon the degree of nipple droop.
  7. It is advised that you should avoid heavy-lifting or tensing after the surgery. You may perform any light activities within a week and any strenuous activity within a month.
  8. There is a possibility that you may go on to lose any sensation in the breast for some period. However, the feeling restores normally as the breast heals.


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