Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

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When it is a matter of undergoing breast augmentation, getting breast implants is considered to be the standard and most popular option among women who desire having firmer and larger breasts.  Hence, If you are also considering this kind of surgery, keep in mind that you have to choose from two different types of implants available: silicone gel and saline. If you compare Saline vs. Silicone then each type of implant has its drawbacks and advantages, so it is important to do some good research and ask a lot of questions from your surgeon during the initial consultations you have. 

You must remember to bring a list of questions along with you, which might be there in your mind when you go for initial consultation with the surgeon. Since breast augmentation is a highly personalized procedure, so you will have many decisions to make that will help determine your post-operative appearance, and one of those is comparing Saline vs. Silicone implants. Usually both implant types are safe and have individual positive characteristics that may appeal more to a certain patient. However, you just have to make sure that you end up choosing the one that best suits your requirement.

Let us start the comparison by discussing saline implants. They are filled with sterilized salt water and are placed in the body while empty and then appropriately filled once fitted properly in place. Consequently, they only require smaller incisions and your surgeon can adjust the implant using the post-operative phase using a syringe that contains additional saline solution. While doing Saline vs. Silicone comparison, saline implants are considered to be quite a safe option because of their base material. However, if there is a leak or rupture to the implant, it is not dangerous for your body because the solution is simply absorbed, as the salt water is harmless. 

Talking about the Silicone implants, they are pre-filled with silicone gel, a fluid that is designed to emulate the feel of human fat. Initially it was believed that silicone is unsafe and not good for health but the concept changed after a years of careful studies.  The current technique includes insertion of pre-filled silicone that does not cause scarring. However, when you compare Saline vs. Silicone implants, keep in mind that the body cannot absorb silicone in case of a rupture. If the rupture occurs, there can be some compilations like a scar tissue. 

The entire process of getting silicone implants is much more costly than saline, even if you don’t have any complications. However, the benefit is that your breast implants will give you that classic look and feel of a real breast.

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