Become a sight to behold with cheek implants

Become a sight to behold with cheek implants

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I was very much pleased with my look except for my cheeks. I felt that they were too flat and hollow. I lived in an apartment with all of these beautiful Brazilian models who had high and full cheekbones. I always wanted to achieve those as well. I tried many ways such as applying blush on, tried eating more etc but nothing helped.

So I heard of cheek implant surgery, it is a procedure whereby a surgeon implants silicone in your cheeks giving them a full and voluminous look. Your face starts appearing more youthful and it seems like you are healthy. People would tell me that I seemed like a sick malnourished child prior to getting surgery but after surgery, I looked and felt like a young woman. The cheek implants gave my face more contours making it more appealing.

You are a good candidate for cheek implant surgery if you have lost the fullness of your cheeks over time. If that is the case then you may be a good candidate for this surgery. Alternatively, perhaps you have never really lost it and always had weak cheeks. People who smoke also tend to lose the fullness of their cheeks quicker than non-smokers do. Whatever the case may be, cheek implants are a wonderful way of regaining your youth and enhancing your look.

I got my cheek implants done from Dubai Cosmetic Surgery and was very pleased with the results. They were natural looking and long lasting. I got it in combination with a browlift surgery as well as a Rhinoplasty and I have come very close to looking like the Ideal image I had in mind. The best thing about cheek implant surgery is that the results are long lasting and anyone can barely tell that you got something done.

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