Arm Lift Surgery Cosmetic Procedure

Arm Lift Surgery Cosmetic Procedure

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As a result of aging and excessive weight loss after considerable gain, the skin tends to get saggy and loose, resulting in a flabby appearance. With cosmetic procedures gaining popularity, arm lift surgery or brachioplasty is another procedure, which lifts the loose arm skin and gives a toned look to the entire arm area. Besides, it helps in providing well-shaped arms, making the skin smoother, firm and well-contoured. The side effects are minimal but chances of developing scars do exist. There is minimum feeling of any pain or discomfort in this procedure as it is carried out with patient under local anesthesia.

When someone wants to reduce weight, dieting and exercising can be effective but often are not adequate to bring firmness to the skin. The arm lift surgery works well for people who have lost weight over a short period of time as the sudden decrease in the fat causes the arm skin to sag heavily. This is a condition which does not repair by itself as the skin has lost its elasticity after having supported accumulated fat for years. Besides, the surgery also works well for conditions such as sagginess of skin caused due to aging, chronic tanning and general loss of elasticity of arm skin.

Brachioplasty goes a long way towards helping people to overcome self-consciousness about their appearance and restores their confidence. It ensures great looking arms such that you are able to put on all kinds of short-sleeved or tight fitting clothes. Apart from this, arm lift surgery for well shaped arms can really go a long way in making one look good and feel great. Before undergoing the surgery, it is advisable to consult your cosmetic surgeon about any risks involved in this particular operation. Do not forget to report any shortness of breath, chest pains, heart palpitations, to your doctor immediately as they are signal of any complications.

As far as working of the procedure is concerned, liposuction techniques are applied to remove excess fat from the targeted area.  The connective tissues are pulled, tightened, reshaped and then stitched up while the outer skin is also sutured. The sutures are removed in a week or two after the operation but there may be some bruising and swelling. The patients undergoing arm lift surgery are instructed to have their recovery in their homes and prescribed medicines for pain. After all the procedure and the recovery and the costs is the bonus of a remarkably youthful appearance. You would love to show off your smoother, tighter arm contours in bathing suits, tank tops and sundresses once again this summer.

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