Achieving more feminine contours

Achieving more feminine contours

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At first, I would get chills on the thought of having my breasts slit up to have something inserted in them. I had saved up my salary to get an augmentation but I always feared that I might end up with a capsular conjecture, a common risk associated with breast augmentation surgery. It was not until I met my cousin who had gotten implants that I decided to change my mind. She looked great and her look was very natural- she did not seem over done. That also gave me the motivation to book a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery.

After my consultation session, I found out all about the surgery. The doctor suggested that I should not go higher than a 36 CC cup as that would look disproportionate for my physique and I completely agreed. I booked the surgery with the doctor and within a week’s time, I could resume to daily activities. Although the doctor told me, it would take a couple of months to recover completely.

I was happy to see immediate results. Whereas in the past I would not feel proud of my body that did not look feminine now I had a body to show off. I was always mistook for a boy when I was in my early teenage and that would be very discomforting. After having, a breast augmentation surgery done my body achieved an hourglass figure that was proportionate from top to bottom. I achieved firmness and shapeliness. The size that I had now was prominent and made my dresses look even better.

I did not have to abstain from wearing low-neck dresses or dresses with a body-con fit as I had something special to flaunt to the world. I would recommend anybody who is lacking in this department to go for breast augmentation surgery. Although it is important to remember to choose a certified surgeon who has had ample experience, it is also a good idea to see pictures of the women your doctor has treated before. That will give you an idea of what you may be getting.

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