Treat Your Eye bags and Dark Circles

Treat Your Eye bags and Dark Circles

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“They make me appear tired and exhausted”, is the most frequently made complaint by the people who have lower eyelid bags and dark circles. Apart from the tired appearance they make you look old because they are frequently considered as aging signs. Due to the bad effect they have on a person’s appearance, people frequently seekfor a consultation for the eyelid surgery.  While there are plenty of home remedies and herbal medicines that can treat dark circles, you are most likely to end up in a failure if you try to find out a solution for eye bags other than a cosmetic procedure. 

Reasons of eye bags and dark circles

You may have developed these conditions due to any of the following reasons. 

  • As you grow mature, your skin starts losing its elasticity and becomes thin. Gradually it starts accumulating beneath the lower eyelid and form eye bags. 
  • Septum, a structure in eyelids, is responsible to hold the content of eye in eye socket becomes weak and the fat moves beneath the eyes. 
  • Some people lose volume in the face and as a result the area under their eyes appear raised.  
  • Vascular inflammation, allergies, iron deficiency, gene pool, depression, hollow eyes, arcusmarginalisdeformity and bad sleeping habits are some of the reasons behind dark circles under eyes.  

Treatment for eye bags and dark circles

Your surgeon is the best person to select the best treatment for you. Provide your surgeon your brief medical history because the reason behind the condition determines which treatment is best for you. Certainly, the right way to treat dark circles that are formed due to iron deficiency is through supplements not through creams. If your surgeon rightly identifies the reason of your eye bags and dark circles, consider that you are half done. 

Surgical treatments for eyelid bags and dark circles

Lower eyelid surgery or lower eyelid blepharoplasty is frequently done to treat lower eyelid bags. It removes excess skin and fat and your eyes and face appears normal and more youthful. In transonjunctivallowerlid blepharoplasty the surgeon removes eyelid fat without an externally-visible scar but the procedure allows only a small amount of excess skin to be removed. Lasers and chemical peels can be used to remove the rest of the skin. 

In transcutaneous lowerlid blepharoplasty the surgeon removes significant amount of excess skin and fat and the procedure can be coupled with other treatments to give face a more harmonious cheeks. 

Laser blepharoplasty uses beam of laser to correct lower eyelid problems and can be combined with laser eyelid rejuvenation. However, some surheons do not categorize laser treatment as blepharoplasty. 

Non-surgical treatments

Non-surgical treatments have shown some degree of success on treating these issues but only when they are in their early stages. Chemical peels and dermal fillers are sometimes used to treat eye bags. Application of an acid on skin tightens skin and as a result eye bags are removed or are at least reduced. Dermal fillers fill in the area between the lower eyelids and cheeks so the trough disappears and the volume on the face looks equally distributed.  

Select a surgeon of high credentials

Select a reputed and skilled surgeon to treat your eye bags and dark circles. With the help of a good surgeon you would be able to remove them completely. The surgeon may perform other required treatments during a lower eyelid surgerylike under eye festoon that is another signs of aging. 

While there other procedures available for the treatment of eye bags and dark circles, lower eyelid blepharoplasty is one of the most frequently performed surgical treatments because of the results it offers.

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