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How to have a “laser tattoo removal” friendly tattoo?

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You once adored Sophie, but Naveen is your honey now. The tribal wings on your arms vowed your college buddies, but the executives in your company are not nearly as impressed.

A large number of people regret the tattoos they got in their youth. According to a study, about half of people who get tattoos, try to remove them later. Only then, they come to know that tattoo removal is long, expensive, procedure and may not erase the tattoo completely. A study was conducted regarding laser tattoo removal at a laser center in Milan, Italy. There were 352 people in the study examined during 1995 to 2010.

Commonly used procedure tattoo removal uses Q-switched laser. The Q-switched laser is applied over a number of sessions. Here are some points, which affect the success of laser tattoo removal.

Tattoo Size

Size has a significant impact on the success of tattoo removal. Smaller the size, easier it is to remove the tattoo. It is just like a design drawn on paper with a lead pencil. Larger designs will take longer to be erased. Tattoos larger than 12 inches are particularly difficult to erase.

Tattoo Color

The effect of color is well-known to dermatologists for years. Colors, such as greens, yellows, and blues reduced the chances of effective tattoo removal by as much as 80%. Black and red colors respond well to laser. All-black tattoos showed a 58% successful removal rate, while tattoos with a combination of black and red pigments showed a 51% success rate after 10 sessions. A dermatologist explained that black and red inks absorb the wavelength of Q-switched lasers better than other colors. 

Tattoo Age

As the tattoo age increases, the ink goes deeper into the skin. Older tattoos are harder to remove than newer tattoos. Laser’s ability to break ink particles reduces as it goes deeper into the skin.


Another addition in the long list of smoking drawbacks! According to the study, smoking reduces the chances of success of the procedure by 70%. This reduction is attributed to the long-known fact that smoking slows down the healing process. 

A great option for tattoo seekers

If you are the one who is seeking a tattoo, here is great news for you. There is an erasable ink developed with the help of Harvard Medical School dermatologist. This ink is permanent in all respects, but it responds quickly to laser. In fact, lasers can remove a tattoo made with this ink in only one session! You have less pain, less expense, and perfect removal. Freedom-2 LLC has already started manufacturing this erasable ink, and many other companies may follow the suit.

Companies are continuously updating their laser tattoo removal technology. They have introduced new lasers, which work well on those hard-to-remove colors. If you know anyone considering to have a tattoo, ask her to think twice, and choose erasable ink if she is determined to have one.

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